Bradley Fiscus:  Independent Candidate for state representative, District 63

Bradley Fiscus:  Independent Candidate for state representative, District 63

Bradley Fiscus

Independent Candidate for state representative, District 63

 Age and occupation: 54, consultant.

Education: Indiana University-Bloomington, 1989, bachelor’s degree in biology, secondary education certification; Center for Advanced Coaching, 2016, advanced coaching master’s degree.

Family: Wife, Dr. Michelle Fiscus (married for 30 years), daughter, Mare’ (sophomore at UTC), son, Collins (senior at Page High School).

Community/civic affiliations (church, nonprofits, etc.): Member of Epworth United Methodist Church, board member emeritus for and founding member of Project Transformation Tennessee, board member for and founding member of Pastors for Tennessee Children.

History as candidate: Elected to the Williamson County Board of Education in 2018.

Why are you running for this office?

The primary reason is that I believe it is important for me to be engaged in changing the damaging assault on public education that has been led by current Rep. Glen Casada.

Running for office is also a way for me to deepen my commitment to serving my community, my state, and the country. I believe that we need more people who are committed to public service instead of political ideology.

Rep. Casada was removed as speaker of the House when his party cast a “no confidence” vote about him. Our community desires someone of integrity, someone they can be proud of as their elected official.


What are the top three issues you believe state representatives should address in the next General Assembly?

Education is extremely important. Nearly 97% of the district has a high school diploma or higher, and 62% have a bachelor’s or higher. 32% of the population is 19 or younger, so the education of the district’s children is very important.

This district is growing quickly and more diverse, so there’s a dynamic of both excitement for this new energy but also concern that our county is becoming less agrarian and more metropolitan. Addressing infrastructure to support growth is important. Equally important is the protection and development of green space so our district doesn’t become a rooftop community but offers places to enjoy the outdoors.

A good portion of this district does not have broadband, so continuing to develop that important utility is important for the continued progress of the district.


What makes you the best candidate for this seat?

I am a person of integrity, believing leadership is a lifestyle, not a position, and striving to lead each day with the best interests of the people in mind, not self-interests.

I am a learner, who doesn’t have to be the smartest person in the room but strives to recognize who is and how to collaborate with them. 

I will listen to the needs and desires of the district and seek to lead based on that input.

I am the best candidate for this position because of my dedication to the community over the past 22 years, my experience in public education and on the Williamson County Board of Education, and my 15-year experience in ministry. I am willing to listen to others, have empathy, and make difficult decisions in the midst of crisis.

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