John Magyar

John Magyar



Brentwood City Commission

ADDRESS: 6041 Wellesley Way, Brentwood, TN 37027

AGE: 60

OCCUPATION: Real Estate agent.

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in TV/film, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville (1981), with a second near-completed degree in marketing/advertising.

FAMILY: Wife, Melinda Magyar; no children.

COMMUNITY/CIVIC AFFILIATIONS: Member of Brentwood Planning Commission since June 2015, Brentwood Tree board since July 2016, Williamson County Board of Equalization since May 2017, vice chairman of steering committee to plan Brentwood’s 50th anniversary for all of 2019 (chair subcommittee/marketing), member of Brentwood Baptist Church.

Have you ever run for or held a position in public office? No.

Why did you decide to run for this office? 

With all of my involvement in Brentwood city business since 2015, I felt it was time to take it to a level where I could have more creative/vision input in the city. 

I have felt for a number of years as if we had a very balanced city commission. All of them are thinkers and listen to citizens’ opinions before they make decisions for the benefit of all Brentwood citizens. 

I would not be running in this race if all of the incumbents were running this time around. With the departure of Commissioners Crossley and Burgin, I was encouraged by several citizens to run. 

What do you believe are the top three issues that need to be addressed in the city and how would you address those issues?

1. To ensure that Brentwood continues to be low density and that our roadways and sewers are at a point where we need to maintain our current zoning and not overcrowd our infrastructure more than it already is.

2. Bring up the conversation again about an age-restricted option for our Brentwood citizens who would like to remain in Brentwood. Each time these options come up, citizens reject it because it always comes with a high-density model. I believe there are developers out there who are smart enough and creative enough to come up with solutions that accomplish both low density and the option for seniors to remain in Brentwood.

3. Work with citizen groups to improve and see greater completion of our bike and hike connectivity and establish more of a master plan to ensure that when opportunities come available for land, we know exactly where and what we will do with options for green space, parks and trails. 

What makes you the best candidate for the position of city commissioner?

Because of my four years of involvement already in Brentwood city business, I believe I have a level of understanding of how our city business works; there is a learning curve to it! 

I have a much greater appreciation for our conservative spending, which I very much want to see continue. I also believe that I am a thinking and a level-headed decision-maker who listens first.

Brentwood is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and the city has seen a lot of changes over the past half century, while some things have remained the same. What issues do you foresee affecting Brentwood over the next 10 years and beyond? What would you like to see change or stay the same?

I am so grateful that the founding members of this community saw fit to preserve green space while the city began to be developed. As our city develops the 12-13 percent of our remaining land, I want to ensure that this kind of thinking continues.

I believe the next “big thing” in Brentwood is likely to be how the city will grapple with a potential option for Mr. Turner’s property. While I believe Mr. Turner should be able to do what he wants to do with his property, I have yet to find a citizen who would like to see that parcel develop into a commercial district. Instead, most citizens I know would rather this prime land remain as a green view, in some form or its current zoning. 

The conversation about the connectivity of our bike and hike trails typically stops at Interstate 65 and Mr. Turner’s property. It is vital to have a piece of each of those woven into a plan to make sure it becomes a reality if and when that option becomes available.

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