Brentwood is known for, among other things, having some great parks. But before the 1980s, Brentwood didn’t have a city park. 

Today the city has 20 parks. They range in size from the 1-acre Owen/Crockett Cemetery to the newest additions to the park system family, the 398-acre Marcela Vivrette Smith Park and the 21-acre Maryland Farms Greenway, a passive park to be completed and opened soon.

During the early 19th century, officials of large cities around the country began to see how parks and green space impact the health and welfare of their residents. Large open areas with trees, plants and stretches of grass not only look nice, but growing evidence shows that urban green spaces have a positive affect on a community’s welfare. And access to good quality parks is clearly beneficial to public health.

Brentwood takes its parks seriously, and in true Brentwood dedication to “excellence in every endeavor,” each of its 20 parks have been developed to benefit the health and welfare of its residents. 

According to Dave Bunt, the city’s parks director, t he parks provide a variety of active and passive facilities and programs to accommodate the needs, interests and expectations of local residents.

Each park has its own character and personality that focuses on social, cultural, athletic and/or nature-oriented activities. Some parks have walking and biking trails surrounded by lush foliage, tall trees and rambling creeks. Other parks have athletic fields for football, soccer, baseball and softball — for youth and adults. There’s even a disc golf field.

Brentwood’s 966 acres of parks provide open areas for youngsters to run and play and playgrounds for them to stretch their imaginations and their muscles. Picnic areas bring families and friends together for a casual meal or a time to simply enjoy each other’s company. Parks such as Crockett, Owen/Crockett Cemetery, Tower, Primm Park and Marcella Vivrette Smith

Park provide a reminder of another time and a rich past.

The quaint Victorian house in Crockett Park and the elegant, historic Ravenswood mansion in Smith Park serve as venues for meetings, conferences, weddings and other celebrations.

Even dogs have a park, Nutro Dog Park, on Heritage Way near Tower Park. The 1.5-acre park has two fenced-in areas for dogs to run and socialize with other canines.

For more information about park locations and amenities, go to www,


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