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Smile, Mommy! delivers diapers to your door

Ken Beck
Dwayne and Morgan Reed and their 17-month-old daughter Abby are surrounded by a mountain of folded cloth diapers at their Smile, Mommy! headquarters in Lebanon, Tenn.

Business serves parents, babies while helping environment

For mothers and fathers concerned about baby bums, dirty diapers and the environment, Dwayne and Megan Reed have the solution.

The couple operates Smile, Mommy!, a cloth diaper service in Williamson, Wilson and Davidson counties, as they deliver 100 percent cotton diapers to front doors every week.

For their customers that means either they can say bye-bye to the chore of  washing diapers or they can derive green satisfaction in knowing that they are no longer sending a small mountain of disposable diapers to the landfill.

“We concentrate on convenience and providing parents with a safer alternative for diapering their children,” said Megan. “Parents just drop the dirty diapers into the air-tight pail that we provide. We then pick up and drop off diapers at their front door each week.”

“We also provide new wrap-style covers that makes using the diapers simple. There are no pins or plastic pants needed anymore. Then every week we pick up what they’ve used and calculate what they get back,” Dwayne said.

Dwayne, who was born and raised in Lebanon, graduated from Lebanon High in 1990. Megan spent her early years in Michigan and Florida and her teenage years in Wilson and Smith Counties where she was home educated.

The couple met while working at Builders First Source in Lebanon where Dwayne was a truss designer and Megan a truss and panel coordinator. They have three children, Nathan, 8, Morgan, 5, and Abby, 17 months.

“We both got laid off from Builders First 2 1/2 years ago. She got laid off first and I was shortly to follow,” said Dwayne, now an insurance specialist for Armor Roofing.

“When we got laid off, we wanted to start a retail Web site, and Dwayne came up with cloth,” Megan recalled.

“She had always cloth diapered all our children, and I was searching the Web for a business and found there was a huge resurge of people starting to use cloth diapers again because of recycling,” said Dwayne.

“We started out just selling retail. Then we noticed the need for a diaper service in the area. There was one going in Nashville but not in Wilson County. So we made plans to start one in Wilson County and then got a phone call from the one diaper service in Middle Tennessee.”

The results were that last April the Reeds acquired Smile, Mommy! from Pippa Gore and Laura LeVasseur, who started the company in 2007. At the time, the business only served Davidson and Williamson counties. The Reeds, who are members of the Real Diaper Association, recently added Wilson County to the list.

Dr. Alison Mullaly, an Ob/Gyn at the Franklin Women's Center, who has an 18-month-old, seems to be a smiling mommy since she subscribed to the service after her daughter was born. What led her to make that decision? 

“Two things," says Mullaly. "The environmental factors of disposable diapers, which are pretty horrific. Also the chemicals that are in the disposable diapers. . . . It didn’t take much looking to find out that was a good thing to avoid.

“It's been a good decision. It’s worked great. We haven’t had any problems. The cost is very comparable to disposables. We’ve been very satisfied,” she said.

Smile, Mommy! offers a newborn package of 80 cotton diapers, 20 covers and 80 wipes for $30 a week. The size of diaper and amount of diapers are adjusted as the baby grows.

“I come to their house with their order, diaper pails, liners and show them how the diaper service works and provide a free cloth diaper tutorial to show them how to put on diapers,” said Megan. “About 80 percent of our customers ask for this service.” 

“A lot of people like our service because of the recycling factor,” Dwayne said. “You’re not adding large amounts of waste through disposable diapers to our landfill. And with our cloth diapers, the price is comparable to using disposables.”

“A lot of people will use cloth diapers just because of the comfort factor. They’re cotton and very comfortable. Some babies are allergic to disposable diapers,” said Megan, a full-time mommy who enjoys hiking and trekking to waterfalls with her husband.

Their cloth diaper service delivers to Williamson County on Tuesdays, East Nashville and Green Hills on Wednesdays and Wilson County and Hermitage on Fridays.










Posted on: 2/9/2011


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