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RCG brings focus to customer service in local tech industry

Carole Robinson
Melinda Curran, founder of RCG, a telecom solution provider, talks with Garry Cunningham, director of sales.
At the height of the dot-com era, Melinda Curran worked in sales with Bellsouth and later AT&T. During the almost 10-years she sold telecommunications programs to businesses she recognized a need for customers to efficiently access help with technology problems. 
“As a salesperson, I took personal accountability when [technological] things went wrong for my clients,” said Curran. 
Her clients knew that and when there was a service or product issue they would call her anytime day or night seeking help in resolving problems. 
If they were to make the service calls, it could take hours of their time to get a resolution, Curran said.
If a radiologist in Williamson County needed to send an x-ray to a hospital in Nashville and the service was down, rather than have the office manager spend hours trying to answer technical questions they can’t answer, they called Curran, who not only interceded with the technician but would also help find a temporary resolution until the problem was fixed.
In 2004, Curran combined the need for quick resolutions and the relationships she had developed with telecom technicians during her years in sales to create RCG, a solutions-based business for everything telecom related. 
“We get someone to resolve the issue,” Curran said. “I know how to speak the same language to get the repair ticket and expedite the resolution. That frees a client to concentrate on their work.”
When she began her career selling IT services and equipment 20-years ago, the networks and companies were predominantly male owned and run.
In 2004 when she started RCG men still dominated the IT sector and Curran knew she was in for a challenge.
“Not many women are founders of tech related companies,” Curran said. “IT is a man’s world. That made it a little more difficult but Nashville is a small area – comparatively – and over time, once you build up a reputation, word gets around.” 
Times are beginning to change. During the past 20-years more Curran has seen more women began to break into technology-based decision making roles. 
In the early years, RCG Corp. only served landline-based technology. In 10-years, the one-person company with a handful of clients grew to 15 employees providing services for more than 400 recurring clients and several thousand others annually.
In 2011, with the acquisition of NationLink Wireless, Curran expanded services to include wireless services to the list of landline, data centers, computer backups and disaster data recovery services already provided to business and individuals.
“For individuals, we save them from having to go to the store and wait in line and we add a personal touch,” Curran said. “We can help find discounts on equipment and accessories – however – we are not a retail store – orders are shipped directly. ” 
RCG is currently the only single source telecom provider of landline and wireless services in the Nashville area. It represents multiple providers of telecommunications services for companies to manage vendors, expenses, RFPs and other services that take time away from the business at hand, Curran said. 
“Our focus is not to make the most money, our focus is how can we be telecom partners for the next 20-years,” she said. 
Nearing the company’s 10th anniversary, Curran has nine clients who have been with her since the beginning – including IASIS Healthcare. With changes in technology happening daily, she is hopeful the next 10-years will bring many more long-term relationships.
For more information about RCG and the services provided go to or call Garry Cunningham, director of sales at 567-2222. 

Posted on: 2/6/2014


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