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Special walking tours of battlefield set for Nov. 29 and 30

The Battle of Franklin Trust will commemorate the 149th anniversary of the Battle of Franklin with three walking tours of the battlefield on Nov. 29-30, announced Eric A. Jacobson, COO of the Trust.
To commemorate the anniversary of the battle, Jacobson will lead battlefield tours on Nov. 29 and 30.   On Nov. 29, tours will begin at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and on Nov. 30 a tour will commence at 8 a.m.  The tours will last 90 minutes and will begin at the Carter House visitor center.  The tours will not only focus on the Battle of Franklin, but on the fateful events at Spring Hill the day before.
In addition, attendees may purchase, at a 50% discount, a signed copy of the second edition of “For Cause & For Country: A Study of the Affair at Spring Hill and the Battle of Franklin,” which is set for release in mid-November.  The first edition of the book, which was released in 2006, is thought by many to be an essential work on the Tennessee Campaign of 1864.
For more information or to reserve tickets for any of the three tours call 615-794-0903 or email
Eric A. Jacobson
Eric Jacobson has been a student of the American Civil War since the mid-1980s.  He has authored three books, “For Cause & For Country,” “The McGavock Confederate Cemetery,” and “Baptism of Fire.”  Jacobson has a deep interest in elevating the stories about Spring Hill and Franklin to their appropriate place in history.  

For many years he has assisted a variety of organizations, from Franklin's Charge to the Civil War Trust, in their efforts to preserve and reclaim critical portions of both battlefields, which are so crucial to a greater understanding of the men who fought there in 1864.

Eric is the Chief Operating Officer and Historian for the Battle of Franklin Trust and works in the historic Franklin community, and nearly every day he walks the hallowed ground on which so many Federal and Confederate soldiers so valiantly struggled.  His interpretive and preservation efforts at Carnton Plantation and The Carter House, in particular, have been extensive.  He lives in Spring Hill with his wife, Nancy, and their two daughters. 
The Battle of Franklin Trust is a 501 (c) 3 management corporation acting on behalf of Franklin’s battlefield sites to contribute to a greater understanding and enrich the visitor experience of the November 30, 1864 battle. It’s organized for the charitable and educational purposes of preserving, restoring, maintaining and interpreting the properties, artifacts and documents related to the battle so as to preserve an important part of the nation’s history.

Posted on: 11/5/2013


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