Details for City of Franklin Meeting Agenda Work Session Tuesday, November 12, 2019 5:00 PM

City of Franklin

109 3rd Ave S  Franklin, TN 37064 (615)791‑3217

Meeting Agenda

Work Session

Board Room

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 5:00 PM


Call to Order

Citizen Comments



1. 19‑0812Presentation Status Report From COL Derek K. Thomson, 1st Brigade of 

the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) of Fort Campbell, upon the Units’ 

Return from Baghdad, Iraq.

2. 19‑1158Consideration of Event Permit for Christmas Parade sponsored by the 

Kiwanis Club of Franklin on December 7, 2019 in Downtown Franklin.

Sponsors:Deb Faulkner

3. 19‑1152Presentation on an Employee Medical Clinic.

Sponsors:Kevin Townsel

4. 19‑1096*Consideration Of Ordinance 2019‑37: An Ordinance 

To Adopt A New Zoning Ordinance And Map Of The City Of Franklin, 

Tennessee. (10/24/19 FMPC 9‑0) FIRST OF THREE READINGS

Sponsors:Emily Hunter

5. 19‑1094Consideration of Resolution 2019‑110, A Resolution to Initiate an 

Application for a Revision to the McKays Mill PUD Development Plan on 

behalf of Ali Hemyari/Nashville K‑9.

Sponsors:Ald. Beverly Burger

6. 19‑1088*Consideration Of Resolution No. 2019‑97, A Resolution Authorizing The 

Use Of The Competitive Sealed Proposal Procurement Method For 

Choosing Suppliers And Service Providers For (1) Police Promotional 

Process Assessment Services (Purchasing Office Procurement 

Solicitation No. 2020‑011), (2) Liability, Property And Workers’ 

Compensation Insurance Products And Services (Solicitation No. 

2020‑013), And (3) Near‑Site Clinic Healthcare Services (Solicitation No. 

2020‑016), All For The Human Resources Department.

Sponsors:Kevin Townsel

7. 19‑1112*Consideration Of Procurement Award To P&A Administrative Services, 

Inc. Of Buffalo, New York In The Total Fee Of $3.20 Per Participating 

Employee Per Month For Healthcare And Dependent Care Flexible 

Spending Account Administrative Services For A Term Of Award For The 

Human Resources Department. (Purchasing Office Procurement 

Solicitation No. 2020‑009; Contract No. 2019‑0315)

Sponsors:Kevin Townsel and Sara Sylvis

8. 19‑1108Consideration of Resolution No. 2019‑112, A Resolution to Authorize Staff 

To Enter Into Contract Negotiations With Selected Consulting Firms For 

Professional Design And Consulting Services For Parks Projects For The 

Parks Department. (Purchasing Office Procurement Solicitation No. 


Sponsors:Lisa Clayton

9. 19‑0992*Consideration of COF Contract No. 2019‑0295 Parkland Impact Fee 

(Payment of Fee Only) Agreement for Oakbrook PUD between the City of 

Franklin and Thompson Thrift Development, Inc. in the amount of 


Sponsors:Lisa Clayton

10. 19‑1149*Consideration of Contract 2019‑0311 with Community Housing 

Partnership for the Receipt of Community Development Block Grant Funds 

from the City of Franklin as Reimbursement for Costs Associated with 

Construction of Single‑Family Homes that Benefit Low to Moderate 

Income Residents.

Sponsors: Tom Marsh and Kathleen Sauseda

11. 19‑1130*Consideration of Resolution 2019‑113 A Resolution Authorizing the City 

Administrator and City Attorney to Finalize the Acquisition of Property 

Located at 109 Battle Avenue and 111 Battle Avenue for the 100 Block 

Battle Avenue Drainage Improvements.

Sponsors:Vernon Gerth and Paul Holzen

12. 19‑1113Consideration Of Procurement Award To 360 Network Solutions Of 

Marietta, Georgia, In The Total Amount Of $38,391.93 For Access Security 

Components For Traffic Signals And Intelligent Transportation System For 

The Traffic Operations Division Of The Engineering Department 

(Purchasing Office Procurement Solicitation No. 2020‑014; $50,000 

Budgeted In 110‑89530‑41610 For Fiscal Year 2020; Contract No. 


Sponsors:Paul Holzen

13. 19‑0865Consideration of DRAFT Resolution 2019‑120, A Resolution In Support Of 

A 911 Surcharge Rate Restoration And Requesting Support Of The 

Tennessee General Assembly.

Sponsors:Eric Stuckey

14. 19‑1041Consideration of Resolution 2019‑58, A Resolution To Increase The Hourly 

Rate For Extra‑Duty Police Officers And To Authorize Use Of Patrol Cars 

For Extra‑Duty Work When Requested Or For Special Events.

Sponsors:Deb Faulkner

15. 19‑1026Consideration of Tennessee 1033 Law Enforcement Support Office 

(LESO) Program That Provides New, Unissued And Surplus Equipment 

And Materials To Participants At No Charge (COF Contract No. 


Sponsors:Deb Faulkner

16. 19‑0828Consideration Of Procurement Award To American Infrastructure 

Technologies Corporation Of Hanceville, Alabama In The Total Estimated 

Annual Amount Of $384,475 For The Specified Estimated Annual 

Quantities For Sewer Main Rehabilitation Services For A Term Of Award 

Of One (1) Year, With Up To Four (4) One‑Year Options To Extend, For 

The Wastewater‑General Division Of The Water Management Department 

(Purchasing Office Procurement Solicitation No. 2020‑001; $450,000.00 

Budgeted In 431‑89320‑52219 For Fiscal Year 2020; Contract No. 


Sponsors:Michelle Hatcher and Brian Goodwin

17. 19‑0829Consideration Of Procurement Award To BLD Services, LLC Of Kenner, 

Louisiana In The Total Estimated Annual Amount Of $452,500 For The 

Specified Estimated Annual Quantities For Sewer Lateral Rehabilitation 

Services For A Term Of Award Of One (1) Year, With Up To Four (4) 

One‑Year Options To Extend, For The Wastewater‑General Division Of 

The Water Management Department (Purchasing Office Procurement 

Solicitation No. 2020‑002; $100,000.00 Budgeted In 431‑89320‑52219 

For Fiscal Year 2020; Contract No. 2018‑0226)

Sponsors:Michelle Hatcher and Brian Goodwin

18. 19‑1110Consideration Of Procurement Award To Polydyne, Inc. Of Riceboro, 

Georgia In The Total Amount Of $1.260 Per Pound Of Bid Chemical 

Product And The Estimated Amount Of $11.97 Per Ton Of Dewatered 

Sludge For Supply And Delivery Of Sludge Polymer For Wastewater 

Sludge Dewatering For A Term Of Award For The Water Reclamation 

Division Of The Water Management Department. (Purchasing Office 

Procurement Solicitation No. 2020‑007; Contract No. 2019‑0314)

Sponsors:Michelle Hatcher and Brian Goodwin

19. 19‑0894Discussion of Fluoride Addition to Potable Water for Distribution to the 

City of Franklin Service Area.

Sponsors:Ald. Beverly Burger


Other Business



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