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City of Franklin

109 3rd Ave S Franklin, TN 37064  (615)791‑3217

Meeting Agenda

Work Session

Board Room

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 5:00 PM

Call to Order

Citizen Comments


1. 19‑0868*Consideration of Event Permit for Celebration of Nations benefitting 

Sister Cities at Bicentennial Park on October 12, 2019

Sponsors:Lisa Clayton

2. 19‑0837Consideration of Resolution No. 2019‑84 to Rescind Resolution No. 

2019‑24 a Resolution to Submit An Application to the Baseball Tomorrow 

Fund for the Renovation of the Irrigation System at Jim Warren Park

Sponsors:Lisa Clayton

3. 19‑0895Consideration of Resolution No. 2019‑94, A Resolution to Amend COF 

Contract No. 2019‑0007 Parkland Agreement Impact Fee and Greenway 

Trail System Construction Agreement Between the City of Franklin and 

Clayton Properties Group, Inc.

Sponsors:Lisa Clayton

4. 19‑0874Consideration of Resolution 2019‑92, “A resolution to Select the 

Pedestrian Improvements Design Concept for the Lewisburg Ave 

Pedestrian Improvements Project”.

Sponsors:Paul Holzen and Jonathan Marston

5. 19‑0866*Consideration of Resolution No. 2019‑90, A Resolution to Amend the 

401(a) Defined Contribution Retirement Plan in the Form of the ICMA 

Retirement Corporation Deferred Compensation Plan & Trust

Sponsors:Eric Stuckey, Kristine Brock and Kevin Townsel

6. 19‑0923Status Report of the Human Resources Manual Update

Sponsors:Kevin Townsel

Other Business


Anyone requesting accommodations due to disabilities should contact ADA coordinator at 791‑3277.


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