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Tuesday, August 13, 2019 5:00 PM


Call to Order

Citizen Comments



1. 19‑0765South Corridor Study Presentation/Update



2. 19‑0772Presentation of Parkview Drainage Study

Sponsors:Paul Holzen and Jonathan Marston

Attachments:BOMA Presentation 8‑13‑2019.pdf

1995_Parkview Drainage Report.pdf

Parkview Drainage Study Report_Final.pdf



3. 19‑0722*Consideration of Ordinance 2019‑26 to be entitled: “An Ordinance to 

Establish a Four (4) Hour Time Limit for All Public Parking Spaces 

Located on West Main Street Between 5TH Avenue and 7TH Avenue.” 


Sponsors:Ald. Margaret  Martin

Attachments: Ord 2019‑26_4HourParking_WestMain.Law Approved.pdf

4. 19‑0715*Consideration Of Ordinance 2019‑20: “An Ordinance To Rezone 20.90 

Acres From General Commercial (GC) District To Specific 

Development‑Residential (SD‑R 11.34) District For The Property Located 

East Of Carothers Parkway And South Of Murfreesboro Road, 250 Rosa 

Helm Way, 2050 And 2051 Wood Duck Court (Wood Duck Court PUD 

Subdivision) Establishing a Public Hearing Date of 9‑10‑19. (07‑25‑19 


Sponsors:Emily Hunter and Amy Diaz‑Barriga

Attachments: MAP ORD 2019‑20 and RES 2019‑56 Wood Duck Court PUD

ORD 2019‑20 Wood Duck Court PUD_with Exhibit.Law Approved

6991 Wood Duck Rezoning package

5. 19‑0717Consideration Of Resolution 2019‑56: “A Resolution Approving A 

Development Plan For Wood Duck Court PUD Subdivision With 1 

Modification Of Development Standards (Parking Requirements) For The 

Property Located East Of Carothers Parkway And South Of Murfreesboro 

Road (250 Rosa Helm Way, 2050 And 2051 Wood Duck Court). 

Establishing a Public Hearing Date of 09‑10‑19. (07‑25‑19 FMPC 6‑0)”

Sponsors:Emily Hunter and Amy Diaz‑Barriga

Attachments: MAP ORD 2019‑20 and RES 2019‑56 Wood Duck Court PUD

2019‑56 RES Wood Duck Court PUD_with Exhibits.Law Approved

6992 Wood Duck PUD DP Conditions of Approval_01

6992 Wood Duck Development Plan site layout only

6992 Wood Duck Development Plan elevations

6992 Wood Duck Development Plan Full package

Wood Duck Court Updated Parking Analysis Technical Memo

6. 19‑0711Consideration Of Ordinance 2019‑23: “An Ordinance to Rezone 0.28 

Acres From R‑3 to Office Residential (OR) for the Property Located At 

1330 Columbia Avenue. (07‑25‑19 FMPC 6‑1)”

Sponsors:Emily Hunter, Amy Diaz‑Barriga and Joseph Bryan

Attachments:MAP 7022 Battle Ground Land Co Rez

ORD 2019‑23 Battle Ground Park Land Co Rezone_with Map 

and Survey.Law Approved

1330 Columbia Avenue Final Plat

7. 19‑0597Consideration of Resolution 2019‑72:  “A Resolution Requesting A 

Referendum For The Annexation Of Several Properties, Located South Of 

Long Lane, East Of Interstate 65, And Outside Of The Southeastern Part 

Of The Franklin Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), By The City Of Franklin, 

Tennessee.”  Establishing a Public Hearing on 08‑27‑19 (06‑11‑19 WS)

Sponsors:Planning and Sustainability Dept and Emily Hunter

Attachments:RES 2019‑72 Not Law Approved REFERENDUM 

SE ANNEXATION with exhibits

Annexation Request 19‑05‑23

Annexation Parcels

24 Signed Affidavits 5‑24‑19

Owner Affidavits 5‑30‑19

Owner Affidavit 061119

061119 Staff Report

Growth Priorities Special BOMA Work Session May 1 2018

8. 19‑0755*Consideration of a Request for Water and Sewer Availability Approval for: 

1819 Hillsboro Road, Map and Parcel 37I‑03100

Sponsors:Michelle Hatcher



1821 Hillsboro Road ‑ Availability Form.pdf

9. 19‑0756*Consideration of a Request For Sewer Availability Denial For: 2271 S. 

Berry’s Chapel Road, Map and Parcel 053‑04200

Sponsors:Michelle Hatcher


2271 S Berrys Chapel Rd ‑ Availability Form.pdf

10. 19‑0752*Consideration of procurement award to Hayes Pipe Supply, Inc. of 

Nashville, Tennessee in the total amount of $146,463.25 for supply and 

delivery of PVC pipe and ductile iron fittings to be used for construction of 

a new reclaimed water line to Berry Farms subdivision and Reams 

Fleming tract for the Reclaimed Water System Division of the Water 

Management Department (Purchasing Office Procurement Solicitation No. 

2020‑005; $500,000 (including supplies) budgeted in 441‑89320‑52321 

for fiscal year 2020; Contract No. 2019‑0241; Project No. 2019‑008)

Sponsors:Michelle Hatcher

Attachments:2020‑005 Tabulation of bids

2020‑005 Tabulation of bid line‑iem pricing

11. 19‑0768*Consideration of Resolution 2019‑076, a Resolution Adopting the 

Williamson County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Sponsors:Rocky Garzarek

Attachments: 2019‑76 RES Adoption of County Hazard Mitigation Plan 

2019_with attachment.Law Approved

12. 19‑0605Consideration of Ordinance 2019‑25, An Ordinance To Amend Title 18 ‑ 

Water And Sewer, Assessing A Monthly Availability Charge Where Sewer 

Access Is Available Even If The Customer Has Not Connected To The 


Sponsors: Lawrence Sullivan

Attachments: 2019‑25 ORD Amend Title 18_ Water and Sewer code.

Law Approved.pdf

13. 18‑0604Discussion on Irrigation Metering Structure (Continued from 6‑26‑18, 

8‑28‑18 and 4‑9‑19 Work Sessions)

Sponsors:Michelle Hatcher

Attachments: 20190409_PPT_Irrigation Fees BOMA Worksession 

Presentation_V1Discussion Winter Price Structure_V3.pdf


Other Business


Anyone requesting accommodations due to disabilities should contact ADA coordinator at 791‑3277.


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