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City of Franklin

109 3rd Ave S Franklin, TN 37064 (615)791‑3217

Meeting Agenda

Board of Mayor & Aldermen

Board Room

Tuesday, September 24, 2019  7:00 PM

Call to Order


Pledge of Allegiance

Citizen Comments (Open For Franklin Citizens To Be Heard On Items Not Included On This Agenda. As Provided By Law, The Board Of Mayor And Aldermen Shall Make No Decisions Or Consideration Of Action Of Citizen Comments, Except To Refer The Matter To The City Administrator For Administrative Consideration, Or To Schedule The Matter For Board Consideration At A Later Date. Those Citizens Addressing The Board Of Mayor And Aldermen Are Requested To Come To The Microphone And Identify Themselves By Name And Address For The Official Record.)


Approval Of Minutes.

1. 19‑0882Consideration of Approval of Minutes:

September 10, 2019    5:00 p.m.  Work Session

September 10, 2019    7:00 p.m.  Board of Mayor and Aldermen


2. 19‑0937Proclamation of Fire Prevention Month 2019

Miscellaneous Reports

Consent Agenda

All Items Under The Consent Agenda Are Deemed To Be Non ‑Controversial And Routine In Nature By The Governing Body. They Will Be Approved As Recommended By Committee Or Staff By One Motion Of The Governing Body. The Items On The Consent Agenda Will Not Be Discussed. Any Member Of The Governing Body Desiring To Discuss An Item On The Consent Agenda May Request That It Be Removed From The Consent Agenda And Be Placed On The Regular Agenda . It Will Then Be Considered At That Time. Staff Recommends That Item Numbers 9‑18 Be Placed On The Consent Agenda.

3. 19‑0885Consideration of items 9 ‑ 18 on the Consent Agenda


4. 19‑0790PUBLIC HEARING: Consideration of Initiating the Annexation Process and 

Draft Plan of Services, Resolution 2019‑81, for the Annexation of the 

Ingraham and Stovall Properties 4099 and 4101 Clovercroft Road, and 

4324 and 4326 Murfreesboro Road. (08/27/19 WS)

Sponsors:Emily Hunter and Amy Diaz‑Barriga


5. 19‑0786Consideration of Resolution 2019‑87,  A Resolution Authorizing The 

Issuance Of General Obligation Refunding Bonds Of The City Of Franklin, 

Tennessee In The Aggregate Principal Amount Of Not To Exceed 

$41,500,000, In Multiple Series; Making Provision For The Issuance, Sale 

And Payment Of Said Bonds, Establishing The Terms Thereof And The 

Disposition Of Proceeds Therefrom; And Providing For The Levy Of Taxes 

For The Payment Of Principal Of, Premium, If Any, And Interest On The 

Bonds (Finance 08/08/19 4‑0, WS 9/10/19)

Sponsors:Eric Stuckey and Kristine Brock

6. 19‑0927Consideration of Resolution 2019‑99, A Resolution to Adopt a Revised 

Investment Policy for Non‑Pension Related Assets. (9/12/19 Finance 3‑0)

Sponsors:Kristine Brock and Mike Lowe

7. 19‑0866*Consideration of Resolution No. 2019‑90, A Resolution to Amend the 

401(a) Defined Contribution Retirement Plan in the Form of the ICMA 

Retirement Corporation Deferred Compensation Plan & Trust

Sponsors:Eric Stuckey, Kristine Brock and Kevin Townsel

8. 19‑0868*Consideration of Event Permit for Celebration of Nations benefitting 

Sister Cities at Bicentennial Park on October 12, 2019

Sponsors:Lisa Clayton

All Other Consent Items

9. 19‑0715Consideration Of Ordinance 2019‑20: “An Ordinance To Rezone 20.90 

Acres From General Commercial (GC) District To Specific 

Development‑Residential (SD‑R 11.34) District For The Property Located 

East Of Carothers Parkway And South Of Murfreesboro Road, 250 Rosa 

Helm Way, 2050 And 2051 Wood Duck Court (Wood Duck Court PUD 

Subdivision). (07‑25‑19 FMPC 6‑0; BOMA 08/13/19 1st Reading 8‑0, 

9/10/19 2nd Reading 8‑0)”. THIRD AND FINAL READING.

Sponsors:Emily Hunter and Amy Diaz‑Barriga

10. 19‑0835Consideration of Ordinance No. 2019‑33, An Ordinance Amending Title 

16, Chapter 2 of the Franklin Municipal Code regarding Applications, No 

Construction within the Rights Of Way, Cool Springs Corridor from 

Thanksgiving Day through New Years Day. (BOMA 9/10/19 1st Reading 


Sponsors:Mark Hilty and Joe York

11. 19‑0789Consideration of Resolution No. 2019‑80, a resolution adopting a revised 

Vendor Protest Procedure for City of Franklin procurements not pertaining 

to new construction. (9/12/19 Finance 3‑0)

Sponsors:Brian Wilcox

12. 19‑0807Consideration of Resolution No. 2019‑82, a Resolution Adopting a 

Revised Purchasing Policy for City of Franklin Procurements Not 

Pertaining to New Construction. (9/12/19 Finance 3‑0)

Sponsors:Brian Wilcox

13. 19‑0848Consideration of Resolution No. 2019‑83 ‑ Validating the Amount to 

Close‑Out the Recovery of Off‑site Sanitary Sewer and Water 

Improvements for Battle Ground Academy and Authorizing the Final 

Reimbursement of $ 52,500. (WS 9/10/19)

Sponsors:Lynn Osland

14. 19‑0859Consideration of Contract 2019‑0042, Contract with Community Housing 

Partnership for Receipt of Community Development Block Grant Funds 

from the City of Franklin as Reimbursement for Costs Associated With 

Construction of Single Family Homes that Benefit Low to Moderate Income 

Residents. (WS 9/10/19)

Sponsors:Tom Marsh and Kathleen Sauseda

15. 19‑0869Consideration of Event Permit for Prayer Breakfast at the Park at Eastern 

Flank Battlefield Park sponsored by Unite Williamson on October 19, 

2019. (WS 9/10/19)

Sponsors:Lisa Clayton

16. 19‑0870Consideration of Event Permit for Franklin High School Homecoming 

Parade in Downtown Franklin on October 24, 2019. (WS 9/10/19)

Sponsors:Deb Faulkner

17. 19‑0871Consideration of Event Permit for Pumpkinfest Sponsored by the Heritage 

Foundation in Downtown Franklin on October 26, 2019. (WS 9/10/19)

Sponsors:Deb Faulkner

18. 19‑0872Consideration of Event Permit for Dickens of a Christmas sponsored by 

the Heritage Foundation on December 14‑15, 2019 in Downtown Franklin. 

(WS 9/10/19)

Sponsors:Deb Faulkner


19. 19‑0723Temporary Staffing Agreement with Provisions Group, LLC for IT Services, 

COF Contract No. 2019‑0232.

Sponsors:Jordon Shaw and Kevin Townsel

20. 19‑0775COF Contract No 2019‑0251 to create a Work Order with Infor Public 

Sector to provide up to 36 hours of training for the Infor Public Sector 

Inventory/Barcoding Systems.

Sponsors:Jordon Shaw

22. 19‑0938COF Contract No. 2019‑0284 Direct Appropriate Grant ‑ Agreement Letter 

for the exterior rehabilitation of the barn at the Park at Harlinsdale Farm.

Sponsors:Lisa Clayton

23. 19‑0922City of Franklin’s submission of the Comprehensive Annual Performance 

Evaluation Report (CAPER) to the Department of Housing and Urban 


Sponsors:Tom Marsh and Kathleen Sauseda



24. 19‑0888Motion to move into Executive Session

25. 19‑0891Actions from Executive Session

Scheduled Meetings and Events

September 26   4:00 p.m.   Capital Investment Committee  

September 26   5:00 p.m.   Joint meeting with Franklin Planning Commission and BOMA 

September 26   7:00 p.m.   Franklin Planning Commission

October 3   7:30 a.m.   Housing Commission

October 3   6:00 p.m.   Board of Zoning Appeals

October 4   8:00 a.m.   Franklin Sustainability Commission

October 8   8:00 a.m.   Public Building Authority

October 8   4:30 p.m.   Bear Board

October 8   5:00 p.m.   BOMA Work Session

October 8   7:00 p.m.   Board of Mayor and Aldermen

October 10   8:00 a.m.   Civil War Historical Commission

October 14   5:00 p.m.   Historic Zoning Commission

October 17   2:00 p.m.   Budget & Finance Committee

October 21   4:00 p.m.   Historic Zoning Design Committee


October 24   4:00 p.m.   Capital Investment Committee

October 24   5:00 p.m.   FMPC & BOMA Joint Workshop

October 24   7:00 p.m.   Franklin Planning Commission

Other Business


Anyone needing accommodations due to disabilities please contact the Risk Manager at 615‑791‑3277 24 hours prior to the meeting.


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