Details for City of Franklin

109 3rd Ave S Franklin, TN 37064  (615)791‑3217

Meeting Agenda

Board of Mayor & Aldermen

Board Room

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 7:00 PM


Call to Order


Pledge of Allegiance


Citizen Comments (Open For Franklin Citizens To Be Heard On Items Not Included On This Agenda. As Provided By Law, The Board Of Mayor And Aldermen Shall Make No Decisions Or Consideration Of Action Of Citizen Comments, Except To Refer The Matter To The City Administrator For Administrative Consideration, Or To Schedule The Matter For Board Consideration At A Later Date. Those Citizens Addressing The Board Of Mayor And Aldermen Are Requested To Come To The Microphone And Identify Themselves By Name And Address For The Official Record.)



Approval Of Minutes.

1. 19‑0601Consideration of Approval of Minutes:

May 28, 2019    5:00 p.m.  Work Session

May 28, 2019    7:00 p.m.  Board of Mayor and Aldermen



2. 19‑0610Government Financial Officer Association (GFOA) Budget Award


Miscellaneous Reports

Consent Agenda

All Items Under The Consent Agenda Are Deemed To Be Non ‑Controversial And 

Routine In Nature By The Governing Body. They Will Be Approved As Recommended By Committee Or Staff By One Motion Of The Governing Body. The Items On The Consent Agenda Will Not Be Discussed. Any Member Of The Governing Body Desiring To 

Discuss An Item On The Consent Agenda May Request That It Be Removed From The 

Consent Agenda And Be Placed On The Regular Agenda . It Will Then Be Considered At That Time. Staff Recommends That Item Numbers 21 ‑ 36 Be Placed On The Consent 


3. 19‑0611Consideration of items 21 ‑ 36 on the Consent Agenda



4. 15‑1030Consideration of Initiating the De‑annexation Process for the 

De‑annexation of Certain Areas Adjacent to Murfreesboro Road, 

Specifically 4113 Murfreesboro Rd. (11/24/15 WS; 3/22/16 BOMA 

Referred to 5/24/16; Referred from 5/24/16 BOMA 4‑3; Referred from 

6/13/17 BOMA 8‑0 to June 12, 2018; Deferred from 6/12/2018 BOMA to 

6/11/2019 BOMA).

Sponsors:Vernon Gerth and Planning and Sustainability Dept

5. 19‑0261PUBLIC HEARING: Consideration Of Ordinance 2019‑05: An Ordinance 

To Rezone 4.82 Acres From Light Industrial (LI) District And 

Neighborhood Commercial (NC) To General Commercial (GC) District For The Property Located At The Northwest Quadrant Of Downs Boulevard And Columbia Ave, 1504, 1536, And 1540 Columbia Ave.  

(04/25/19 FMPC 8‑0; 05‑14‑19 BOMA 1st Reading 6‑0) Second of 

Three Readings

Sponsors: Franklin Municipal Planning Commission, Emily Hunter

and Amy Diaz‑Barriga

6. 19‑0282PUBLIC HEARING: Consideration of Ordinance 2019‑07: An Ordinance 

To Rezone 14.88 Acres From Specific Development‑Variety (SD‑X) 

District To Specific Development‑Variety (SD‑X 2.02 / 95,618) District For 

The Property Located At The Northeast Corner Of Murfreesboro Road And 

Chester Stephens Court, 300 Celebration Circle (Silver Grace PUD 

Subdivision, Fountains Of Franklin);   (04/25/19 FMPC 8‑0; 05‑14‑19 

BOMA 1st Reading 7‑0) Second of Three Readings

Sponsors: Ald. Ann Petersen, Emily Hunter, Amy Diaz‑Barriga

and Christopher Andrews

7. 19‑0283PUBLIC HEARING: Consideration of Resolution 2019‑28: A Resolution 

Approving A Revised Development Plan For Silver Grace PUD 

Subdivision (Fountains Of Franklin) For The Property Located At The 

Northeast Corner Of Murfreesboro Road And Chester Stephens Court, 

300 Celebration Circle  (04/25/19 FMPC 8‑0; 05/14/19 WS)

Sponsors: Ald. Ann Petersen, Emily Hunter, Amy Diaz‑Barriga 

and Christopher Andrews

8. 19‑0323PUBLIC HEARING: Consideration Of Ordinance 2019‑08: An Ordinance 

To Rezone 0.58 Acres From Civic‑Institutional (CI) District To General 

Commercial (GC) District For The Property Located At 420 Bridge Street;   

(04/25/19 FMPC 8‑0; 05‑14‑19 BOMA 1st Reading 7‑0) Second of Three 


Sponsors:Emily Hunter and Joseph Bryan

9. 19‑0372PUBLIC HEARING: Consideration of Ordinance 2019‑10: An Ordinance 

To Rezone 22.04 Acres From General Commercial (GC) District To 

Specific Development Variety (SD‑X 21.8/1.375.000/700) District And 

Rezone 5.15 Acres From General Commercial (GC) District To Civic 

Institutional (CI) District For The Properties Located South Of McEwen 

Drive And West Of Carothers Parkway (Aureum PUD Subdivision);   

(04/25/19 FMPC 8‑0; 05‑14‑19 BOMA 1st Reading 7‑0) Second of Three 


Sponsors:Emily Hunter and Amy Diaz‑Barriga

10. 19‑0424PUBLIC HEARING: Consideration of Resolution 2019‑31: A Resolution 

Approving A Development Plan For Aureum PUD Subdivision, With Two 

(2) Modification Of Standards Requests (1‑Roof Forms, 2‑Retaining Wall 

Materials), For The Property Located South Of East McEwen Drive And 

West Of Carothers Parkway;  (04/25/19 FMPC 8‑0, 05/14/19 WS)

Sponsors:Franklin Municipal Planning Commission, Emily Hunter 

and Amy Diaz‑Barriga

11. 19‑0515Consideration of Road Impact Fee Offset Agreement (COF Contract No 

2019‑0178) for the Aureum PUD Subdivision with SouthStar, LLC. for 

Arterial Roadway Improvements to McEwen Drive and Carothers Parkway 

(05/14/19 WS)

Sponsors:Paul Holzen

12. 19‑0394Consideration of COF Contract No. 2019‑0122 Parkland Construction and 

Dedication Agreement between the City of Franklin and SS‑CH Franklin, 

LLC, the Aureum Development   (05/14/19 WS)

Sponsors:Lisa Clayton

13. 19‑0491PUBLIC HEARING: Consideration of Ordinance 2019‑17, an Ordinance to 

Adopt a Budget for Fiscal Year 2019‑2020. (05/09/19 Finance 3‑0; 


Sponsors:Kristine Brock and Michael Walters Young

14. 19‑0492PUBLIC HEARING: Consideration of Ordinance 2019‑18, an Ordinance to 

Establish a Property Tax Rate for FY 2019‑2020 (05/09/19 Finance 3‑0; 

05/28/19 1st BOMA Reading 7‑0) SECOND OF THREE READINGS

Sponsors:Kristine Brock and Michael Walters Young

15. 19‑0493PUBLIC HEARING: Consideration of Resolution 2019‑45, a Resolution 

Adopting the Estimate of Revenues and Expenditures for the Water and 

Sanitary Sewer Utility Fund for Fiscal Year 2019‑2020, and providing an 

Effective Date. (05/09/19 Finance 3‑0)

Sponsors:Kristine Brock and Michael Walters Young

16. 19‑0494PUBLIC HEARING: Consideration of Ordinance 2019‑16, 4th Quarter 

2019 Budget Amendments. (05/09/19 Finance 3‑0; 05/28/19 1ST BOMA 


Sponsors:Kristine Brock and Michael Walters Young



17. 19‑0600*Consideration of COF Contract No. 2019‑0180 with Cornucopia 

Consulting Group For Leadership Development Training in an amount of 


Sponsors:Kevin Townsel

18. 19‑0465Consideration of Ordinance 2019‑14, “An Ordinance To Create Title 9, 

Chapter 11 Of The Franklin Municipal Code Establishing Regulations For 

Operating A Mobile Food Vending Business Within The City Of Franklin, 

Tennessee.”  (05/28/19 WS) FIRST OF TWO READINGS

Sponsors:Administration and Vernon Gerth

19. 19‑0468Consideration of Ordinance 2019‑15, “An Ordinance Amending the City of 

Franklin Municipal Code, Appendix A ‑ Comprehensive Fees and 

Penalties, Chapter 9, Business, Peddlers, Solicitors, Taxicabs, Pool 

Rooms, Licensing, Pedicabs, Etc. to Establish a Mobile Food Vending 

Permit Fee.” (05/28/19 WS) FIRST OF TWO READINGS

Sponsors:Administration and Vernon Gerth

20. 19‑0604 Consideration of Mayor’s Appointment of Jenny Szilagyi to the Tree 

Commission as the FMPC Representative.

Sponsors:Dr. Ken Moore


All Other Consent Items


21. 19‑0369Consideration of Contract 2019‑0109, Contract with The Hard Bargain 

Association for Receipt of Community Development Block Grant Funds 

from the City of Franklin as Reimbursement for Costs Associated With 

Construction of Single Family Homes that Benefit Low to Moderate


Residents. (05/28/19 WS)

Sponsors:Tom Marsh and Kathleen Sauseda

22. 19‑0578Consideration of Resolution 2019‑54 Establishing the City’s Contribution 

to Health Care Coverage for Retirees Electing Option II Coverage. 

(05/28/19 WS)

Sponsors:Eric Stuckey, Kristine Brock and Kevin Townsel

23. 19‑0376Consideration of Amendment No. 1 In an Amount of $40,000.00 to 

Professional Services Agreement For Architectural Services (COF 

Contract 2017‑0256) with The Renaissance Group For Additional 

Engineering Services Required For Development Of The Site For City Of 

Franklin Fire Station 7 Located At 900 Brunacini Way (In Partnership With 

Williamson County Government, Resolution 2017‑78) (05/28/19 WS.

Sponsors:Brad Wilson

24. 19‑0435Consideration of Resolution 2019‑39, “Resolution Authorizing 

Condemnation For The Acquisition of Property For the PF Chang’s Portion 

of the Spencer Creek at Franklin Road Sanitary Sewer Project   (05‑23‑19 

CIC 4‑0)

Sponsors:Michelle Hatcher

25. 19‑0440Consideration Of A Request To Deny Sanitary Sewer Availability Denial 

For 1886 Wilson Pike (Tax Map 61, Parcel 13.10) (05‑23‑19 CIC 4‑0)

Sponsors:Michelle Hatcher

26. 19‑0532Consideration of DRAFT Professional Services Agreement for the 

Henpeck Lane Sanitary Sewer Project Construction Administration and 

Inspection Services with Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. in the 

Amount of $277,600.00 (05‑23‑19 CIC 3‑0)

Sponsors:Michelle Hatcher and Patricia McNeese

27. 19‑0587Consideration of Change Order No. 1 to the Construction Contract (COF 

Contract No. 2017‑0264) with Kiewit Infrastructure South, Co., for the 

Water Reclamation Facility Modifications and Expansion Project for a Cost 

Increase of $180,565.00  (05‑23‑19 CIC 4‑0)

Sponsors:Michelle Hatcher


28. 19‑0588Consideration of a Professional Services Agreement (COF Contract No. 

2019‑0173) with Lose Design for the FSSD Baseball Field Reconstruction 

Project for a Not‑to‑Exceed Amount of $276,300. (05‑23‑19 CIC 4‑0)

Sponsors:Lisa Clayton, Paul Holzen and Jonathan Marston

29. 19‑0430Consideration of Resolution 2019‑47, A Resolution Approving the City’s 

On‑Call Engineering (COF Contract Nos. 2019‑0083, 2019‑0084, and 

2019‑0085), Surveying (COF Contract Nos. 2019‑0084 and 2019‑0086) 

and Traffic Engineering (COF Contract Nos. 2019‑0123, 2019‑0124 and 

2019‑0125) Professional Services Agreements.  (05‑23‑19 CIC 4‑0)


30. 19‑0431Consideration of Ordinance 2019‑12, “An Ordinance Amending the City of 

Franklin Municipal Code, Appendix A ‑ Comprehensive Fees and 

penalties, Chapter 16. Street and Sidewalks”  (05‑23‑19 CIC 3‑0)

Sponsors:Paul Holzen and Jonathan Marston

31. 19‑0498Consideration of of TDOT Local Agency Project Agreement No. 180117 

(COF Contract No. 2019‑0155) for the Harlinsdale Farm Multi‑Use Path & 

Bridge (PIN 126630.00) (05‑23‑19 CIC 4‑0)


32. 19‑0521Consideration of Professional Services Agreement (COF Contract No. 

2019‑0162) with Neel‑Schaffer, Inc. for the 2019 Murfreesboro Road 

Traffic Signal Timing Update Project for an Amount Not‑to‑Exceed 

$116,523.00 (05‑23‑19 CIC 4‑0)

Sponsors:Paul Holzen and Jonathan Marston

33. 19‑0571Consideration of a Professional Services Agreement (COF Contract No. 

2019‑0167) with Alfred Benesch & Company for the Park at Harlinsdale 

Farm Multi‑Use Path & Bridge Project in an Amount Not‑to‑Exceed 

$29,176.00 (05‑23‑19 CIC 4‑0)

Sponsors:Paul Holzen and Jonathan Marston

34. 19‑0575Consideration of Event Permit for Franklin on the Fourth sponsored by the 

Franklin Lions Club in Downtown Franklin on July 4, 2019.  (05/28/19 WS)

Sponsors:Deb Faulkner

35. 19‑0576Consideration of Event Permit for the Turkey Trot Sponsored by 

Graceworks Ministries on November 28, 2019 in Cool Springs. (05/28/19 


Sponsors:Deb Faulkner

36. 19‑0577Consideration of Event Permit for Franklin Classic 5K/10K benefitting 

Mercy Community Healthcare in Downtown on September 2, 2019  

(05/28/19 WS)

Sponsors:Deb Faulkner



37. 19‑0586Acknowledgement of COF Contract No 2019‑0128 for the purchase of 

Bentley PowerDraft application with Bentley Systems, Incorporated.

38. 19‑0250Acknowledgement of COF Contract No. 2019‑0089 with Bentley Systems, 

Incorporated for a Select Program Agreement.

Sponsors:Jordon Shaw

39. 19‑0441Acknowledgement of COF Contract No. 2019‑0129 East Franklin 

Farmer’s Market at Liberty Park for Wednesday Markets

Sponsors:Lisa Clayton

40. 19‑0220Agreement for Dedication of Temporary Access and Construction 

Easement, COF Contract Number 2019‑0076, to Clayton Properties 

Group, Inc. (Deferred from 05/28/19 BOMA)

Sponsors:Paul Holzen

41. 18‑1256Acknowledgement of City Of Franklin Contract No. 2018‑0258, Easement 

Agreement For The Mountain Bike Trail System Between The City Of 

Franklin And The State Of Tennessee (Columbia State Community 


Sponsors:Lisa Clayton



42. 19‑0612Motion to move into Executive Session



43. 19‑0613Actions from Executive Session


Scheduled Meetings and Events

Scheduled Meetings: 

June 13     2:00 p.m.     Budget & Finance Committee

June 17     4:00 p.m.     Historic Zoning Design Review Committee

June 19     12:00 p.m.   Special Joint Workshop ‑ Zoning Ordinance Update

June 20     5:00 p.m.     FMPC & BOMA Joint Workshop

June 25     5:00 p.m.     BOMA Work Session

June 25     7:00 p.m.     Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting


Other Business



Anyone needing accommodations due to disabilities please contact the Risk Manager at 615‑791‑3277 24 hours prior to the meeting.



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