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Tuesday, July 9, 2019 5:00 PM



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1. 19‑0691*Consideration of Event Permit Application for Raise the Roofs on August 

17, 2019 at the Park at Harlinsdale Farm Sponsored by Friends of Franklin 


Sponsors:Lisa Clayton

2. 19‑0690Presentation of Development Activity Report for FY 2019 and 

Comparisons to FY 2018

Sponsors:Lynn Osland and Tom Marsh

3. 19‑0464Consideration Of Resolution 2019‑42: “A Resolution Adopting A Plan Of 

Services For The Annexation Of Several Properties Located East And 

West Of Lewisburg Pike And North And South Of The Intersection At 

Stream Valley Boulevard (Southbrooke PUD Subdivision) By The City Of 

Franklin, Tennessee.”; Establishing a Public Hearing Date of 8‑13‑19. 

(06‑27‑19 FMPC 9‑0)

Sponsors:Emily Hunter and Amy Diaz‑Barriga

4. 19‑0444*Consideration Of Resolution 2019‑41: “A Resolution To Annex Several 

Properties Located East And West Of Lewisburg Pike And North And 

South Of The Intersection At Stream Valley Boulevard, Consisting Of 

318.49 Acres In The Southbrooke PUD Subdivision, And Adjoining The 

City Limits Within The Southern Part Of The Franklin Urban Growth 

Boundary (UGB).” Establishing a Public Hearing Date of 8/13/19 

(06‑27‑19 FMPC 9‑0; WS 07‑09‑19) FIRST of THREE READINGS

Sponsors:Emily Hunter and Amy Diaz‑Barriga

5. 19‑0442*Consideration Of Ordinance 2019‑13: “An Ordinance To Zone 318.49 

Acres Specific Development ‑ Residential District (SD‑R 2.36), Hillside 

Overlay District (HHO), Goose Creek Character Area Overlay District 

(GCCO‑5) And McLemore Character Area Overlay District (MLCO‑2), 

Either Conventional Or Traditional Standards, For Several Properties 

Located East And West Of Lewisburg Pike And North And South Of The 

Intersection At Stream Valley Boulevard (Southbrooke PUD Subdivision).” 

Establishing a Public Hearing Date of 8/13/19 (06‑27‑19 FMPC 9‑0; WS 


Sponsors:Emily Hunter and Amy Diaz‑Barriga

6. 19‑0443Consideration Of Resolution 2019‑40, As Amended: “A Resolution 

Approving A Development Plan For Southbrooke PUD Subdivision, For 

Several Properties Located East And West Of Lewisburg Pike And North 

And South Of The Intersection At Stream Valley Boulevard.”; Establishing a 

Public Hearing Date of 8‑13‑19. (06‑27‑19 FMPC 7‑2)

Sponsors:Ald. Ann Petersen, Emily Hunter and Amy Diaz‑Barriga

7. 19‑0585Consideration of COF Contract No. 2019‑0172 Parkland Impact Fee and 

Trail System Construction Agreement between the City of Franklin and 

Southbrooke, LLC.

Sponsors:Lisa Clayton

8. 19‑0689Consideration of Road Impact Fee Offset Agreement (COF 2019‑0221) 

for the Southbrooke PUD Subdivision with Southbrooke, LLC

Sponsors:Paul Holzen and Jimmy Wiseman

9. 19‑0676*Consideration Of Amendment 1 To Contract 2018‑0134 With Town 

Planning & Urban Design Collaborative LLC For Planning And Zoning 

Services Related To The Zoning Ordinance Update.

Sponsors:Planning and Sustainability Dept and Emily Hunter

10. 19‑0641Consideration Of Resolution 2019‑61: “A Resolution Approving A Revised 

Development Plan For Lockwood Glen PUD Subdivision, For The Property 

Located East Of Carothers Parkway And South Of South Carothers 

Road.”; Establishing a Public Hearing Date of 8‑13‑19. (06‑27‑19 FMPC 


Sponsors:Emily Hunter, Amy Diaz‑Barriga and Joseph Bryan

11. 19‑0692*Consideration of a Professional Services Agreement (COF Contract No. 

2019‑0223) with The Corradino Group, Inc. to Provide Construction 

Engineering and Inspection Services for the SR‑96 West Multi‑Use Trail 

Project (PIN 123098.00)


12. 19‑0693*Consideration of Change Order No. 1 (Final Change Order) to the 

Contract (COF Contract No. 2017‑0186) with Adams Contracting, LLC for 

the Construction of the Carnton Lane Culvert Replacement Project for a 

Cost Increase of $81,734.46 and a Time Extension of 80 Days


13. 19‑0519Consideration of procurement award to Microbac Laboratories, Inc. of 

Maryville, Tennessee in the estimated total annual amount of $22,276 for 

industrial pretreatment sampling and testing, Water Reclamation Facility 

influent and effluent testing, and testing of river samples wastewater 

treatment laboratory contract services for a term of award for the Water 

Reclamation Division of the Water Management Department (Purchasing 

Office Procurement Solicitation No. 2019‑013; $60,000 budgeted for line 

item in 431‑82280‑52213 for fiscal year 2020; Contract No. 2019‑0161)

Sponsors:Michelle Hatcher

14. 19‑0560Consideration of procurement award to Stanard & Associates, Inc. of 

Chicago, Illinois in the total estimated annual amount of $34,835 for police 

promotional process assessment services for the Human Resources and 

Police Departments (Purchasing Office Procurement Solicitation No. 

2019‑016; $26,012 included in 110‑82250‑42110 of proposed budget for 

fiscal year 2020; Contract No. 2019‑0184)

Sponsors:Kevin Townsel and Deb Faulkner

15. 19‑0640Consideration of COF Contract No. 2019‑0214 Interlocal Agreement 

Between Franklin Special School District and the City of Franklin.

Sponsors:Mark Hilty and Lisa Clayton

16. 19‑0680*Consideration of Ordinance 2019‑24, An Ordinance Creating a 

Competitive Sealed Proposal Process to Purchase Goods and Services.

Sponsors:Shauna Billingsley

17. 19‑0698Consideration of Resolution 2019‑64 to Adopt the Franklin Trails Brand 

Strategy and Brandmark Plan

Sponsors:Lisa Clayton

18. 19‑0688Consideration of DRAFT Resolution 2019‑68, “A Resolution to Adopt the 

Project List for the FY 2019‑2028 CIP (Capital Investment Program).”

Sponsors:Eric Stuckey


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