Details for In the Chancery Court of Bedford County, Tennessee at Shelbyville

In the Chancery Court of 

Bedford County, Tennessee at Shelbyville 

No. 33291

In Re Name change of 

Cailee Marie Keogh


Order of Publication 

It appearing to the court form the affidavit testimony of Breanna Harlan, Petitioner, that respondent(s), Christopher Keogh, are (unknown or non-residents of the county of Williamson and the state of Tennessee) and ordinary service of process cannot be had upon them;


It is ORDERED, that publication of the order be made for four consecutive weeks in the Williamson Herald, a newspaper published in Williamson County, Tennessee, notifying the respondent(s),

Christopher Keogh, that they are required to answer to make defense to the Petition for Condemnation in the office of the Chancery Court Clerk of Bedford County, Tennessee, within 30 days after the fourth weekly publication of this order and that upon their failure to do so, the Petition for name change of minor child will be taken as admitted by them and the case set for hearing without their presence. 


J.B. Cox, Chancellor, Judge

Approved for Entry 

B. Harlan, Prose Petitioner 

Publish Dates: 1/28/21, 2/4/21, 2/11/21, 2/18/21


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