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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT Robert and Melissa Beckham filed a Petition for Termination of Use of Land as Burial Ground and for Removal and Reinterment of Remains of Decedents in the Chancery Court for Williamson County, Tennessee (case #48585).  Petitioners seek to relocate an abandoned, dilapidated cemetery at 412 Wilson Pike, Brentwood, Tennessee, known as the Mayfield Cemetery (Williamson County Cemetery No. 546).  Petitioners believe that the following persons are buried in this cemetery: Elizabeth Anne Cameron (DOD 1845), Dr. Daniel W. B. Carmac/Carmack (DOD 1879), John Henry B. Mayfield (DOD 1881), Nancy Ann Mayfield (DOD 1832), Dr. Southerlin Shannon Mayfield (DOD 1879), Sarah Mayfield (DOD 1853), Shannon Mayfield (DOD 1860), Sutherlin Shannon Mayfield (DOD 1812), Eliza Mayfield (DOD 1861), Susan W. (DOB 1853), Martha Jane McAlpin (DOD 1835), as well as potentially other persons.  Petitioners seek to reinter the graves at a location nearby the current cemetery, but outside of trees and development.  

Pursuant to TCA § 21-1-204, Interested Persons cannot be served with the ordinary process of law because relatives and heirs of the persons buried in the cemetery were unascertainable after reasonable and diligent inquiry. Accordingly, the Court entered an Order of Publication that Interested Persons enter an appearance on or before 30 days after the last publication of this Notice and file an answer to the complaint, or judgment by default may be taken against them for the relief demanded in the complaint.  This Notice will be published for four consecutive weeks.


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