Town of Nolensville, Tennessee

The Town of Nolensville is accepting sealed bids for Roadway Repairs of various locations on Clovercroft Road, Kidd Road, Rocky Fork Road, Sam Donald Road, York Road, Quarterhorse Lane, Old Clovercroft Road, and Johnson Industrial Boulevard consisting of undercutting, base failure repair, cold planing, asphalt surfacing, and striping. Bids are due in before 10:00 AM. on Thursday, February 27th and will be opened promptly at 10:15 AM. 


Bids must be mailed or hand delivered in a sealed envelope to: 


Don Swartz, P.E.

Town of Nolensville

7218 Nolensville Rd

Nolensville, TN  37135. 


Each envelope must be plainly marked with: Name of Bidder, Bidder's Address, Bidder's Tennessee License Number, Bidder's License Expiration Date, “Roadway Repairs – Clovercroft Road, Kidd Road, Rocky Fork Road, Sam Donald Road, York Road, Quarterhorse Lane, Old Clovercroft Road, and Johnson Industrial Boulevard”, Subcontractors Name, Subcontractors TN Contractors License Number, and Subcontractors License Expiration Date. Bidders must submit a copy of a current contractor’s license and business license, copies of liability and workman’s compensation insurance with the bid.  Bidders must be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Winning Bidder will be notified once Bids are tabulated and checked.


* If bid exceeds available funds, the Town of Nolensville reserves the right to reduce the quantities to fit available funds.  All items shall be bid with the understanding that the quantity for any item may be increased, decreased, or deleted at the direction of the engineer or the Town of Nolensville. It is the intent to make repairs on all roads listed, but roads can be eliminated or added by the engineer or the Town of Nolensville to fit available funds. 


Plans, Specifications, and Contract Documents may be examined at the following Locations:

1.  Town of Nolensville

2.  Collier Engineering Company, Inc.

3.  Dodge Data

4.  Builder's Exchange of TN

5.  Tennessee Road Builders


Plans, Specifications and Contract Documents may be obtained from Collier Engineering Company, Inc., 2949 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN  37211, (615) 331-1441 upon receipt of a $100.00 non-refundable deposit (NO CASH)

The Town of Nolensville, Tennessee reserves the right to reject any or all bids.


Don Swartz, P.E. 

Town Engineer 

Town of Nolensville


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