Details for City of Franklin Meeting Agenda Board of Mayor & Aldermen

City of Franklin

Meeting Agenda

Board of Mayor & Aldermen

109 3rd Ave S

Franklin, TN 37064

(615) 791-3217

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

7:00 PM

Board Room


The Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting will limit physical access in the meeting room due to current limitations on public gatherings. Accommodations have been made to ensure that the public is able to participate in the meeting. The public may participate in the following ways: • Watch the meeting on FranklinTV or the City of Franklin website. • Watch the live stream through the City of Franklin Facebook and YouTube accounts. • Call in to the conference meeting 1-312-626-6799, Meeting ID: 915 5005 6394 Passcode: 685317. Callers will be unmuted and given an opportunity to comment during the meeting at specific times. • Limited viewing will be available in the lobby of City Hall to watch the live video and make public comment. • The public may email comments and questions prior to 4:30 p.m. on the day of the meeting to to be read aloud. • Live comments and those submitted by email will be limited to 2 minutes. • City YouTube: • City Facebook Live: 

• City website:






1. Consideration Of Resolution 2020-200, A Resolution Declaring That The Board Of Mayor And Aldermen Shall Meet On October 27, 2020 And Conduct Its Essential Business By Electronic Means Rather Than Being Required To Gather A Quorum Of The Members Physically Present In The Same Location Because It Is Necessary To Protect The Health, Safety, And Welfare Of Tennesseans In Light Of The COVID-19 Outbreak.

Sponsors: Shauna Billingsley


CITIZEN COMMENTS (Open For Franklin Citizens To Be Heard On Items Not Included On This Agenda. As Provided By Law, The Board Of Mayor And Alderman Shall Make No Decisions Or Consideration Of Action Of Citizen Comments, Except To Refer The Matter To The City Administrator For Administrative Consideration, Or To A Schedule The Matter For Board Consideration At A Later Date. Those Citizens Addressing The Board Of Mayor And Aldermen Are Requested To Come To The Microphone And Identify Themselves By Name And Address For The Official Board.)




2. Consideration Of Approval Of Minutes 

October 13, 2020 4:30 p.m. Work Session 

October 13, 2020 7:00 p.m. Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting






All Items Under The Consent Agenda Are Deemed To Be Non -Controversial And Routine In Nature By The Governing Body. They Will Be Approved As Recommended By Committee Or Staff By One Motion Of The Governing Body. The Items On The Consent Agenda Will Not Be Discussed. Any Member Of The Governing Body Desiring To Discuss An Item On The Consent Agenda May Request That It Be Removed From The Consent Agenda And Be Placed On The Regular Agenda . It Will Then Be Considered At That Time. Staff Recommends That Item Numbers 12-16 Be Placed On The Consent Agenda.


3. Consideration of items 12-16 on the Consent Agenda



4. *Consideration Of Resolution 2020-172, A Resolution Providing Next Steps Related To The Road Network And/Or Future Land Uses In The West Harpeth Area, Defined As The Area Generally West Of The New Section Of Mack Hatcher Parkway, Between Hillsboro Road And Highway 96 West. WS 9/8/20 BOMA 9/22/20, Deferred to 10/27/20, 7-0 WS 10/13/20; 10/27/20

Sponsors: Vernon Gerth, Paul Holzen, Emily Wright



5. *Consideration Of Ordinance 2020-28, An Ordinance To Amend The Budget Of The City Of Franklin For Fiscal Year 2020-2021. Finance 10/15/20, 4-0 WS 10/27/20

Sponsors: Eric Stuckey, Kristine Brock, Michael Walters Young


6. *Consideration Of Resolution 2020-208, A Resolution Authorizing Condemnation For The Acquisition Of Rights-Of-Way And Easements For The East McEwen Drive Phase 4 Improvements Project. (COF Project No. 2015-002) WS 10/27/20

Board of Mayor & Alderman Meeting Agenda October 27, 2020

Sponsors: Paul Holzen, Jonathan Marston, Sarah Roop


7. *Consideration Of COF Contract No. 2019-0235, A Warranty Deed With DPH Franklin, LLC For Property Acquisition Associated With The McEwen Drive / I-65 Ramp Modifications Project At A Cost Of $32,000.00. WS 10/27/20

Sponsors: Paul Holzen, Jonathan Marston 


8. *Consideration Of COF Contract No. 2019-0377, An Agreement For Dedication Of Easement With DPH Franklin, LLC For Property Acquisition Associated With The McEwen Drive / I-65 Ramp Modifications Project At A Cost Of $10.00. WS 10/27/20

Sponsors: Paul Holzen, Jonathan Marston


9. Consideration Of Resolution 2020-205, A Resolution To Reject A Request From Boyle Investment Company To Reclassify A Roadway Within The Chadwell Development As A Collector Roadway. WS 10/13/20 Sponsors: Paul Holzen


10. Consideration Of Resolution 2020-181, A Resolution Approving The Project Partnership Agreement, COF Contract No. 2020-0071, Between The Department Of The Army And City Of Franklin, Tennessee, For The Harpeth River Flood Risk Management Project. (U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers Home Raising Program) WS 10/13/20

Sponsors: Vernon Gerth, Paul Holzen, Shauna Billingsley


11. Consideration Of COF Contract No. 2020-0041, A Professional Services Agreement With Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment, Inc., d/b/a OHM Advisors To Design New City Hall Facility (Phase I). WS 10/13/20   Sponsors: Eric Stuckey, Vernon Gerth



12. Consideration Of Ordinance 2019-57, An Ordinance To Rezone 1520.03 Acres From Planned (PD 1.80/500,000) District And Detached Residential 1 (R-1) District To Planned (PD 2.26/250,000) District For The Property Located South Of Highway 96 And West Of Boyd Mill Pike (Westhaven PUD Subdivision). THIRD AND FINAL READING. FMPC 8/27/20, 6-0 WS 9/8/20 BOMA 9/8/20, 7-1; 10/13/20, 8-0

Sponsors: Emily Wright, Amy Diaz-Barriga


13. Consideration Of Amendment 2 To COF Contract No. 2018-0143, With CDM Smith For Additional Administrative Services For SRF Loans And Development Of An Electronic Operations And Maintenance Manual. CIC 9/24/20, 4-0

Sponsors: Michelle Hatcher


14. Consideration Of Resolution 2020-185, A Resolution To Assign Naming Rights To The Inclusive Playground At The Southeast Municipal Complex. WS 10/13/20

Sponsors: Lisa Clayton


15. Consideration To Grant Sewer Availability For 4038 Clovercroft Road (Map 079, Parcel 05500). WS 10/13/20 Sponsors: Michelle Hatcher, Scott Andrews


16. Consideration Of Sewer Availability For Clovercroft Road (Map 080, Parcel 01201). WS 10/13/20 Sponsors: Michelle Hatcher, Scott Andrews




17. COF Contract Nos. 2019-0013, 2019-0015, 2019-0017, 2019-0018, 2019-0019, 2019-0226, 2019-0227, 2019-0243, 2019-0244, 2019-0245, 2019-0246, 2019-0346, 2019-0354, 2020-0049, 2020-0050, 2020-0052 And 2020-0053, Warranty Deeds For The Acquisition Of Right-Of-Way And Agreements For The Dedication Of Easements For The Franklin Road Corridor Improvements Project.

Sponsors: Paul Holzen, Jonathan Marston, William Banks


18. COF Contract No. 2020-0034, With BCBS For Information Sharing.

Sponsors: Kevin Townsel, Sara Sylvis


19. COF Contract No. 2020-0059, With AXON For Field Equipment Trial Agreement.

Sponsors: Deb Faulkner


20. COF Contract No. 2020-0072, With Williamson County E-911 Center For The Tennessee Crime Information Center User Agreement. Sponsors: Deb Faulkner

21. COF Contract Nos. 2020-0083 Thru 2020-0096, Quitclaim Deeds For The Abandonment Of The Public Alley Between The 200 Block Of Battle Avenue And The 200 Block Of Everbright Avenue.  Sponsors: Paul Holzen


22. COF Contract No. 2020-0181, With Regional Transportation Authority For Bus Service Between Davidson County And The City Of Franklin. Sponsors: Eric Stuckey


23. COF Contract No. 2020-0203, A Special Warranty Deed With Franklin Parkland Acquisition LLC For The Property Known As Starlight Mosby Mountain Bike Trail.

Sponsors: Lisa Clayton


24. COF Contract No. 2020-0270, With Travelers Insurance For Workers Compensation Claim Support. Sponsors: Kevin Townsel, Sara Sylvis


25. Sole-Source Purchase From Wavetronix Of Provo, Utah Of Traffic Signal Vehicle Detection Equipment For Stock For Resurfacing Of Street Intersections And/Or Replacement Of Damaged Equipment, In The Total Amount Of $44,874.66 For The Streets Department ($45,000 Included In FY2021 Budget In 110-83641-43110).

Sponsors: Steve Grubb



26. Motion to Recess Into Executive Session



27. Actions From Executive Session



November 3 2:00 p.m. Franklin Public Arts Commission 

November 5 7:30 a.m. Housing Commission 

November 6 8:00 a.m. Franklin Sustainability Commission 

November 9 5:00 p.m. Historic Zoning Commission 

November 10 4:30 p.m. Beer Board 

November 10 5:00 p.m. BOMA Work Session 

November 10 7:00 p.m. Board of Mayor and Aldermen 

November 12 8:00 a.m. Civil War Historical Commission 

November 16 4:00 p.m. Historic Zoning Design Review Committee 

November 19 3:30 p.m. Franklin Transit Authority 

November 24 5:00 p.m. BOMA Work Session 

November 24 7:00 p.m. Board of Mayor and Aldermen

November 26-27 CITY OFFICES CLOSED - Thanksgiving





Anyone needing accommodations due to disabilities please contact the Risk Manager at 615-791-3277 24-hours prior to the meeting.


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