Details for City of Franklin Meeting Agenda Board of Mayor & Aldermen

City of Franklin

Meeting Agenda

Board of Mayor & Aldermen

109 3rd Ave S

Franklin, TN 37064

(615) 791-3217

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 7:00 PM 

Board Room


The Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting will limit physical access in the meeting room due to current limitations on public gatherings. Accommodations have been made to ensure that the public is able to participate in the meeting. The public may participate in the following ways: • Watch the meeting on FranklinTV or the City of Franklin website. • Watch the live stream through the City of Franklin Facebook

and YouTube accounts. • Call in to the conference meeting 1-312-626-6799, Meeting ID: 929 8165 7193 Passcode: 487954. Callers will be unmuted and given an opportunity to comment during the meeting at specific times. • Limited viewing will be available in the lobby of City Hall to watch the live video. • The public may email comments and questions prior to 4:30 p.m. on the day of the meeting to to be read aloud. • All comments will be limited to 2 minutes per person per item, regardless of the method of delivery. • City YouTube: • City Facebook Live: • City website:







1. Consideration Of Resolution 2020-179, A Resolution Declaring That The Board Of Mayor And Aldermen Shall Meet On September 22, 2020 And Conduct Its Essential Business By Electronic Means Rather Than Being Required To Gather A Quorum Of The Members Physically Present In The Same Location Because It Is Necessary To Protect The Health, Safety, And Welfare Of Tennesseans In Light Of The COVID-19 Outbreak.

Sponsors: Shauna Billingsley


CITIZEN COMMENTS (Open For Franklin Citizens To Be Heard On Items Not Included On This Agenda. As Provided By Law, The Board Of Mayor And Alderman Shall Make No Decisions Or Consideration Of Action Of Citizen Comments, Except To Refer The Matter To The City Administrator For Administrative Consideration, Or To A Schedule The Matter For Board Consideration At A Later Date. Those Citizens Addressing The Board Of Mayor And Aldermen Are Requested To Come To The Microphone And Identify Themselves By Name And Address For The Official Board.)





2. Consideration Of Approval Of Minutes:

September 8, 2020 Work Session

September 8, 2020 Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting



3. Proclamation For Fire Prevention Month.

Sponsors: Mayor Ken Moore





All Items Under The Consent Agenda Are Deemed To Be Non -Controversial And Routine In Nature By The Governing Body. They Will Be Approved As Recommended By Committee Or Staff By One Motion Of The Governing Body. The Items On The Consent Agenda Will Not Be Discussed. Any Member Of The Governing Body Desiring To Discuss An Item On The Consent Agenda May Request That It Be Removed From The

Consent Agenda And Be Placed On The Regular Agenda . It Will Then Be Considered At That Time. Staff Recommends That Item Numbers 13-19 Be Placed On The Consent Agenda. 


4. Consideration of items 13-19 on the Consent Agenda



5. PUBLIC HEARING: Consideration Of Ordinance 2020-10, An Ordinance To Rezone 21.24 Acres From Regional Commercial (RC-6) And General Office (GO) Districts To Planned (PD 11.35/12,320) District For The Property Located South Of Oak Meadow Drive And East Of South Royal Oaks Boulevard (Vintage At Watson Glen PUD Subdivision). SECOND OF THREE READINGS 

FMPC 5/28/20, 8-0-1

WS 6/9/20

BOMA 6/9/20, 7-0

FMPC 7/23/20, 7-1

WS 8/11/20

BOMA 8/25/20, 8-0

Sponsors: Emily Wright, Amy Diaz-Barriga


6. PUBLIC HEARING: Consideration Of Resolution 2020-47, A Resolution Approving A Development Plan For Vintage At Watson Glen PUD Subdivision, For The Property Located South Of Oak Meadow Drive and East Of South Royal Oaks Boulevard.

FMPC 5/28/20, 8-0-1

WS 6/9/20

FMPC 7/23/20, 7-1

WS 8/11/20

Sponsors: Emily Wright, Amy Diaz-Barriga


7. *Consideration Of COF Contract No. 2020-0123, Parkland Construction and Dedication Agreement Between The City of Franklin and Franklin Capital Investment, LLC For The Property Known As Vintage

At Watson Glen PUD.

WS 9/22/20

Sponsors: Lisa Clayton


8. *Consideration Of COF Contract No. 2020-0133, A Road Impact Fee Reimbursement Agreement With Franklin Capital Investment, LLC., For The Vintage At Watson Glen PUD Subdivision, In the Amount of $852,958.00. WS 9/22/20

Sponsors: Paul Holzen


9. Consideration Of Ordinance 2020-20, An Ordinance To Zone 340 Acres Estate Residential (ER) District, For Several Properties Located South Of Long Lane And East Of Interstate 65. THIRD AND FINAL READING

FMPC 2/23/20, 8-0

WS 8/11/20

BOMA 8/11/20, 8-0; 9/8/20, 7-1

Sponsors: Emily Wright, Amy Diaz-Barriga, Joseph Bryan


10. Consideration Of Resolution 2020-115, As Amended, A Resolution Requesting A Referendum For The Annexation Of Several Properties, Located South Of Long Lane, East Of Interstate 65, And Outside Of The Southeastern Part Of The Franklin Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), By The City Of Franklin, Tennessee. THIRD AND FINAL READING

FMPC 7/23/20, 8-0

WS 8/11/20

BOMA 8/11/20, 7-1; 9/8/20, 7-1

Sponsors: Emily Wright, Amy Diaz-Barriga, Joseph Bryan



11. Consideration Of Resolution 2020-172, A Resolution Providing Next Steps Related To The Road Network And/Or Future Land Uses In The West Sanitary Sewer Basin, In The Western Part Of The City Of Franklin And Within The City’s Urban Growth Boundary, North Of Highway 96 West. WS 9/8/20 Sponsors: Vernon Gerth


12. *Consideration Of Ordinance 2019-19 To Amend Title 16 Chapter 5 Of The Municipal Code To Address Public Gathering And Expression Events. FIRST OF TWO READINGS

WS 9/8/20 Sponsors: Shauna Billingsley



13. Consideration Of Ordinance 2020-18, An Ordinance To Revise The Traffic Flow, Pavement Markings, And Signage, On Plaza Street Alley Between Cummins Street And Columbia Avenue. FIRST OF TWO READINGS CIC 8/28/2020, 4-0

Sponsors: Paul Holzen, Jonathan Marston, Adam Moser


14. Consideration Of Ordinance 2020-19, An Ordinance To Reduce The Speed Limit On South Margin Street / First Avenue South, From East Main Street To Columbia Ave, To Twenty-Five Miles Per Hour (25MPH). FIRST OF TWO READINGS CIC 8/27/2020, 4-0

Sponsors: Paul Holzen, Jonathan Marston, Adam Moser


15. Consideration Of Resolution 2020-133, A Resolution Authorizing The City Administrator to Finalize Agreements To Provide for Sanitary Sewer Service At 4095 Clovercroft Road, Contingent Upon All Conditions Presented Herein. CIC 8/27/20, 4-0 Sponsors: Michelle Hatcher, Scott Andrews


16. Consideration of Amendment 2 To COF Contract No. 2018-0014, The City Of Franklin Amended and Restated Employees’ Pension Plan Dated Effective As Of January 1, 2018 As It Relates To Cost Of Living Increase Effective July 2020.

Sponsors: Kristine Brock, Kevin Townsel


17. Consideration Of COF Contract No. 2020-0186, With Kronos For Telestaff.

WS 8/11/20 Sponsors: Glenn Johnson


18. Consideration Of COF Contract No. 2020-0222, A Professional Services Agreement With Jackson Thornton Utilities For Revenue Requirements Analysis And Cost Of Service/Rate Study For The Water/Wastewater/Reclaimed Water System In An Amount Not-to-Exceed $25,000 For Water, $28,500 For Wastewater And $12,000 For Reclaimed Water. CIC 8/27/20, 4-0 Sponsors: Michelle Hatcher


19. Consideration Of COF Contract No. 2020-0230, With Boozer & Company, P.C. For Appraisal Services For The Jordan Road Improvements Project In The Amount Of $30,400.00. 8/27/2020 CIC 4-0

Sponsors: Paul Holzen, Jonathan Marston, Sarah Roop



20. COF Contract No. 2018-0064, Dedication Of Temporary Construction Easement With Louis J. Resha, Jr. Sponsors: Michelle Hatcher, Patricia McNeese


21. COF Contract No. 2018-1048, Right Of Way Easement With MTEMC For Fire Station 7. Sponsors: Brad Wilson


22. COF Contract No. 2020-0007, With The Tennessee Department of Health Regarding Annual Services Provided By The Williamson County Department of Health.

Sponsors: Michael Walters Young


23. COF Contract No. 2020-0191, Grant Contract Between The City Of Franklin And The State Of Tennessee For Ironwork Restoration At City Cemetery.

Sponsors: Lisa Clayton, Amanda Rose


24. COF Contract No. 2016-0221, Agreement For Dedication Of Easement With Bethlehem United Methodist Church For Bobby Drive Water Line Improvements.

Sponsors: Michelle Hatcher, Patricia McNeese


25. COF Contract No. 2020-0231, Agreement Between City of Franklin And MSX Group For Consulting Services To Improve City’s Budgeting Software.

Sponsors: Michael Walters Young


26. Submission Of The Comprehensive Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER) For Program Year 2019-2020 To The Department Of Housing And Urban Development. Sponsors: Tom Marsh, Kathleen Sauseda



27. Motion to Recess Into Executive Session



28. Actions From Executive Session



September 24 4:00 p.m. Capital Investment Committee

September 246:00 p.m. Joint meeting with Franklin Planning 

Commission and BOMA

September 24 7:00 p.m.Franklin Planning Commission

October 1 7:30 a.m. Housing Commission

October 2 8:00 a.m. Franklin Sustainability Commission

October 125:00 p.m. Historic Zoning Commission

October 13 4:30 p.m. Beer Board

October 13 5:00 p.m. BOMA Work Session

October 13 7:00 p.m. Board of Mayor and Aldermen

October 152:00 p.m. Budget & Finance Committee





Anyone needing accommodations due to disabilities please contact the Risk Manager at 615-791-3277 24-hours prior to the meeting.


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