Details for City of Franklin Meeting Agenda Franklin Municipal Planning Commission

City of Franklin

Meeting Agenda

109 3rd Ave S

Franklin, TN 37064

(615) 791-3217

Franklin Municipal Planning Commission

Thursday, September 24, 2020 

7:00 PM Board Room



Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Franklin Municipal Planning Commission will be held on the date, time and at the location listed above. Additional information can be found at


The typical process for discussing an item is as follows:

1. Staff Presentation

2. Public comments

3. Applicant presentation, and

4. Motion / discussion / vote

Applicants are encouraged to come to the meeting, even if they agree with the staff recommendation. The Planning Commission may defer or disapprove an application/request unless someone is present to represent it.

For accommodations due to disabilities or other special arrangements, please contact the Human Resources Department at (615) 791-3216, at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. The Franklin Municipal Planning Commission Meeting will limit physical access in the meeting room due to current limitations on public gatherings to prevent further spread of COVID-19 and to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the City of Franklin officials, staff, and citizens. Accommodations have been made to ensure that the public is able to participate in the meeting. The public may participate in the following ways: • Watch the meeting on FranklinTV or the City of Franklin website. 

• Watch the live stream through the City of Franklin Facebook and YouTube accounts. • Call in to the conference meeting 1-312-626-6799; Meeting ID: 981 1461 0000; 

Password: 488662. Callers will be unmuted and given the opportunity to comment during the meeting at specific times. • The public may email comments to to be provided in full to the Commission and included in the minutes, but not read aloud in their entirety during the meeting. Emailed comments will be accepted until 5:00 PM on the day before the meeting. • In-person comments will be allowed in City Hall. Citizens will be directed to

the City Hall Training Room (enter from Church Street parking lot) upon arrival to watch the meeting until their item is ready to be considered. Staff will assist in directing citizens to form a line to speak on an item. Line spacing will be 6-feet apart and masks are required. 

• City YouTube: 

• City Facebook Live: 

• City website:



1. Consideration Of Resolution 2020-176, A Resolution Declaring That The Franklin Municipal Planning Commission Shall Meet On September 24, 2020, And Conduct Its Essential Business By Electronic Means Rather Than Being Required To Gather A Quorum Of The Members Physically Present In The Same Location Because It Is Necessary To Protect The Health, Safety, And Welfare Of Tennesseans In Light Of The COVID-19 Outbreak.

Sponsors: Amy Diaz-Barriga, Emily Wright



2. Consideration Of Approval Of The August 27, 2020 Minutes.



Open for Franklin citizens to be heard on items not included on this Agenda. As provided by law, the Planning Commission shall make no decisions or consideration of action of citizen comments, except to refer the matter to the Planning Director for administrative consideration, or to schedule the matter for Planning Commission consideration at a later date. Those citizens addressing the Planning Commission are required to

complete a Public Comment Card in order for their name and address to be included within the official record.



3. The rezoning and development plan revision for the Chicasaw PUD 

Subdivision, and the rezoning and development plan for the Cherokee PUD 

Subdivision will not be on this agenda. The items were missing 

components of the application, and therefore will not be heard on the 

September FMPC Agenda.



The non-agenda process, by design, is reserved for rare instances, and only minor requests shall be considered. Non-agenda items shall be considered only upon the unanimous approval of all of the Planning Commission members.



The items under the consent agenda are deemed by the Planning Commission to be non-controversial and routine in nature and will be approved by one motion. The items on the consent agenda will not be individually discussed. Any member of the Planning Commission, City Staff, or the public desiring to discuss an item on the consent agenda may request that it be removed and placed on the regular agenda. It will then be considered in its printed order.


4. Consideration Of Approval Of Items 5-7 and 9-13 On The Consent Agenda.



5. Franklin Park Subdivision, site plan, (Open Space Lot/Parkland/

Infrastructure); release the maintenance agreement for sidewalks 

improvements. (CONSENT AGENDA) Sponsors: Paula Kortas


6. Rizer Point PUD Subdivision, site plan, section 1; extend the performance 

agreement for landscaping Phase 2 improvements to September 23, 2021. (CONSENT AGENDA)

Sponsors: Paula Kortas


7. Tywater Crossing PUD Subdivision, site plan, section 1; release the 

maintenance agreement for landscaping improvements. 


Sponsors: Paula Kortas



8. Consideration Of Resolution 2020-78, A Resolution To Adopt An Envision 

Franklin Plan Amendment For The Properties Located At 1155 Hillsboro 

Road (Known as Brownland Farm, and a portion of Christ Community 

Church at 1215 Hillsboro Road) Map 63 Parcels 2.00, 2.01, And 2.02, To 

Change The Design Concepts From Conservation And Conservation 

Subdivision To Conservation, Conservation Subdivision, And Multifamily Residential. (PUBLIC HEARING)

Sponsors: Eric Conner, Andrew Orr, Emily Wright



9. Simmons Ridge PUD Subdivision, Final Plat, Section 9, Creating 30 

Townhome Lots And One Open Space Lot, On 2.68 Acres, Located 

Near The Intersection Of South Carothers Road And Long Point Way,

At 4408 South Carothers Road. (CONSENT AGENDA)

Sponsors: Amy Diaz-Barriga, Emily Wright


10. Simmons Ridge PUD Subdivision, Final Plat, Section 10, Creating 36 

Townhome Lots And One Open Space Lot, On 11.56 Acres, Located Near The Intersection Of South Carothers Road And Long Point Way, At 

4408 South Carothers Road. (CONSENT AGENDA)

Sponsors: Amy Diaz-Barriga, Emily Wright


11. Simmons Ridge PUD Subdivision, Final Plat, Section 11, Creating 18 

Townhome Lots And 3 Open Space Lot, On 4.88 Acres, Located Near The Intersection Of South Carothers Road And Long Point Way, At 4408 South Carothers Road. (CONSENT AGENDA) 

Sponsors: Amy Diaz-Barriga, Emily Wright


12. Splendor Ridge Subdivision, Final Plat, Revision 2, Creating 3 Single Family Residential Lots And 2 Open Space Lots, On 6.18 Acres, 

Located at 151 Franklin Road. (CONSENT AGENDA)

Sponsors: Joseph Bryan, Amy Diaz-Barriga, Emily Wright


13. Wild Duck Realty PUD Subdivision, Final Plat, Revision 9, Lots 4 And 6, 

Relocating An Access Easement, On 6.15 Acres, Located Near The 

Intersection Of Rosa Helm Way And Wood Duck Court, At 220 

And 221 Rosa Helm Way. (CONSENT AGENDA)

Sponsors: Amy Diaz-Barriga, Emily Wright



14. Consideration Of Ordinance 2020-21, An Ordinance To Amend The 

Franklin Zoning Ordinance And Zoning Map As Part Of An Annual Review And Cleanup Following The Major Update Of 2019.

Sponsors: Kelly Dannenfelser, Emily Wright






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