August 12, 2019, 5:00 P.M.


Notice is hereby given that a regular meeting of the Franklin Historic Zoning Commission will be held at City Hall in the Board Room at 109 Third Avenue South, on Monday, August 12, 2019, at 5:00 P.M.  For accommodations, due to disabilities, contact the Human Resources Department at 615-791-3216 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.


The purpose of the regular meeting will be to consider matters brought to the attention of the Historic Zoning Commission and will include the following items:


1. Call to order.

2. Minutes:  June 10, 2019.

3. Minutes:  July 8, 2019.

4. Staff Announcements.

5. Consideration of Requests to place non-agenda emergency items on the agenda.

6. Citizens Comments on Items Not on the Agenda

Open for Franklin citizens to be heard on items not included on this Agenda.  As provided by law, the Historic Zoning Commission shall make no decisions or consideration of action of citizen comments, except to refer the matter to the Planning Director for administrative consideration, or to schedule the matter for Historic Zoning Commission consideration at a later date.

7. Consent Agenda.

The items under the consent agenda are deemed by the commission to be routine in nature and will be approved by one motion adopting the staff comments as part of the approval. The items on the consent agenda will not be discussed. Any member of the commission or the public desiring to discuss an item on the consent agenda may request that it be removed and placed on the regular agenda. It will then be considered in its printed order. Staff recommends that items 8-9 be placed on the consent agenda.

8. Consideration of Principal Structure Alterations (Foundation Material) at 243 3rd Ave. S.; Brent & Sarah Hill, Applicants.

9. Consideration of Accessory Structure Alterations (Window/Entrance) at 1009 W. Main St.; Brentwood Builders LLC, Applicants.

10. Consideration of Side Entrance Ramp Construction at 224 3rd Ave. N.; Epic Investments, Applicant.

11. Consideration of Principal Structure Alterations (Side Entrance Stoop Construction, Lighting, Siding) at 424 Boyd Mill Ave.; Don & Paige Holloway, Applicants.

12. Consideration of Enclosed Addition, Side Porch Addition, Attached Garage Addition, & Relocation (Accessory Structure) at 424 S. Margin St.; Don Burke, Applicant.

13. Consideration of New Construction (Accessory Structure) at 1318 Adams St.; Scott Wilson, Applicant.

14. Consideration of Alterations (Window Replacement, Masonry, Roofing) at 230 Public Sq.; Marand Builders & 906 Studio Architects, Applicants.

15. Consideration of Principal Structure Screened Porch Addition, New Construction (Carport), & Accessory Structure Alterations (Entrances) at 105 Everbright Ave.; 906 Studio Architects, Applicant.

16. Consideration of Principal Structure Alterations (Partial Demolition, Enclosed Addition, Siding) & Accessory Structure Alterations (Enclosed Addition, Door) at 312 3rd Ave. S.; 906 Studio Architects, Applicant.

17. Non-agenda emergency items accepted by the commission for consideration.

18. Adjourn.


Items Approved by the Preservation Planner on Behalf of the Historic Zoning Commission, pursuant to the Historic District Design Guidelines

• Fencing & HVAC Placement at 210 2nd Ave. S.; Paris Goodyear-Brown, Applicant.



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