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Aldermen approve phased residential development in south Franklin

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This is the proposed Southvale site in Franklin, which is a component of the Southbrooke residential development. 

The Franklin Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Tuesday night voted to approve a slew of items relating to a new development off Goose Creek Bypass and Lewisburg Pike. 

Southvale is another component of Southbrooke, a residential development that previously sparked controversy for its narrow lot sizes and lack of infrastructure around the city’s southern borders. 

Two years ago, the city approved the development against the recommendation of planning staff. It was put on hold for a bit, with some city representatives saying a pause was needed to let infrastructure catch up.  

On Tuesday night, aldermen said they voted in favor of Southvale because the groundwork is beginning to catch up. 

“The connectivity is coming,” said Ward 3 Alderman Scott Speedy. 

Greg Gamble, president of Gamble Design Collaborative, was at the meeting, representing the developer, Ford Classic Homes. 

“The aldermen were very specific that they wanted it to be intentionally phased,” Gamble said. “There were a couple of factors involved there that were pretty important to them. Those things are now either in place or moving forward.” 

With Legacy Middle School now open along Henpeck Lane, a new fire station, sewer extension and capital projects prioritizing the Long Lane overpass to be completed by 2025, some concerns have been allayed. The project’s 12-year development timeline also will mean the 700 total homes will be built in phases, allowing for infrastructure to grow simultaneously. 

At a recent meeting, Stream Valley residents voiced concerns about connections out of their neighborhood and wanting the city to add another road. But Speedy pointed to the new connection coming from the Berry Farms Chadwell tract, which will add a third point of exit and entry from the neighborhood, as a remedy.  

Southvale details 

Part of a list of agenda items at the board meeting included the annexation of eight properties on 244 acres into the city of Franklin. 

The properties are owned by Florence McKeithan, Charles Collum and Dwight Stacey. Stacey previously operated a bed and breakfast, the Inn at Walking Horse Farm, on his property off Lewisburg Pike.  

The Southvale plan includes a range of sizes and prices, placing 512 dwelling units on 332 lots, 196 of which are single-family lots, while the other 136 will be lots for duplex and multiplex homes. Southbrooke, which is to the east of Lewisburg Pike, includes an additional 188 homes. 

Density at Southvale is 2.09 dwelling units per acre, and the project will preserve the recommended 50% open space for a conservation subdivision. 

Part of an original concern was the minimum lot width size, which is 40 feet. The development compromised with Envision Franklin standards by allowing for 15% of the homes to have lot widths less than 40 feet wide. 

Gamble said part of the project would include the developers improving the intersection at Lewisburg Pike and Goose Creek Bypass and adding signals to the Stream Valley intersection. 

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Another sellout by BOMA and especially Scott Speedy who ran against this type of over building.


BOMA could care less. I get the feeling since most of us are transplants they do not care. Take care of the old friends and money. This is why after 8 years in Franklin, Williamson County we are looking to move.

Tom Johnson

“But Speedy pointed to the new connection coming from the Berry Farms Chadwell tract, which will add a third point of exit” yeah he forgot to add, “when that section is started sometime in the next 10 YEARS.” I don’t know how much kickback Speedy got from developers but it was enough to ignore his constituents.


Probably why he is not running for another term. He knows he will not win. He sold out the entire neighborhood. Sorry I voted for him.

Bob Marsh


Bob Marsh

Good luck down there on Goose Creek. Things are getting ready to clog up and stay that way. Lewisburg Pike is going to be a parking lot.

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