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Art studio to invite Brentwood community to create glass, mosaic art

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Those seeking a creative outlet after spending so much time at home will soon have a new place to explore their artistic abilities in Brentwood at Spark Art Studio.

This walk-in studio features recycled glass, stones and mosaic tiles with which beginner to advanced artists can create mosaic-like artwork on canvas (white or pre-painted) or wood. For those struggling to find their inspiration, the seasonal example pieces decorating the walls might “spark” some creativity, but the studio also has over 100 stencils available for those wanting a little boost.

Lynn Harnen, who co-owns the studio with her brother, RJ Chesna, has been hard at work creating example pieces for the studio’s decoration in anticipation of its grand opening near the end of the month.

Harnen shared that she and her brother have been immersed in art their whole lives. Their mother even had a kiln in their childhood basement where she would make her own ceramics.

Harnen said her brother has always been a talented artist but, though he wanted to, never ended up going to art school.

“He picked up the craft of mosaic tiling several years ago, and it just blew me away when I saw what he was creating,” Harnen said. “I became familiar with this glass-type art that you do with recycled glass and the stones, … and I thought, ‘Wow, it’s so similar. It really just lends itself to a very similar model.’”

As recently as January, the siblings decided they would share their hobbies with the local community by opening an art studio.

Upon its opening, Spark will allow walk-ins for ages 6 and older. Children and adults can also host private parties to create masterpieces in groups. For adults, the parties can be BYOB.

For children, ages 6 to 12, broken glass is not allowed and materials are limited to the tumbled glass and stones that do not have sharp edges; however, Harnen said that children may include a glass piece in their art with the help of an adult. Gloves and goggles are provided for adults using recycled glass in their artwork.

Harnen also mentioned that the studio has “word bubbles” that can be included in the art with phrases like “you are my sunshine” or “love you more.” Additionally, the studio can help guests personalize their art by creating word bubbles using loved ones’ handwriting or by allowing guests to bring in glass or ceramic pieces that are sentimental for them.

She said she believes this art form can be catered to each person’s individual interests.

“The possibilities of making art is sometimes a little overwhelming. There’s just so many things you can do, and I love that about this concept because, if you’re into sports or into fashion or into nature or animals, you really can create anything,” she said. “There’s really no limit.”

Spark’s grand opening will take place on Saturday, Aug. 29, at 213 Franklin Road, Suite 110 in Brentwood. Masks and social distancing will be required. For more information, visit

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