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Bethesda News: Daniels didn’t fiddle around when it came to loving God

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Columnist Joyce Smith

Columnist Joyce Smith

Thought for the week: As a Christian, you have every reason on earth and in heaven to have a positive attitude. After all, God is in charge. He loves you, and he’s prepared a place for you to live eternally with him. And that’s what really matters.


I hope that you had the opportunity to watch Charlie Daniels’ funeral services this past Friday. If you did, then you know he lived for God and his country. 

He was such a strong supporter for our veterans as well as others. Each person who spoke had something to say about that. 

Two days before his stroke, he tweeted, “22 veterans commit suicide daily.” He wanted to reach out to them, and he did. His last contribution was a signed fiddle and picture of himself that was given for a benefit for veterans in Mt. Juliet. 

Navy SEAL David Montgomery said Daniels told him to “change the world with what’s in your heart.” Storme Warren said Daniels was “his mentor, his friend and his hero.” Roger Campbell said, “He inspired people. Everyone who met him loved him.” Vince Gill payed tribute by singing, “Go Rest High on That Mountain,” and “America the Beautiful.” Travis Tritt said, “He was an inspiration to all. He loved Jesus.” 

Allen Jackson, pastor of World Outreach Church, referred to numerous Scriptures as “essential ingredients in Charlie’s life.” Among them were John 14, Psalm 91 and Proverbs. He also stated that the “mighty tree has fallen.” 

David Corlew said he worked with Daniels for 47 years and “learned a lot about life.” He quoted Matthew 25:21 and said that Daniels was put here on the earth by God for a reason and that reason was “for all of us.” 

Jackson may have stated the “mighty tree has fallen,” but someone else read the poem “The Roots Remain,” to let us know that the life that Daniels lived is one that we should all be inspired to live. Our deepest sympathy is extended to his wife, Hazel, and son, Charlie Jr., as well as other family members and friends.

Congratulations are in order for Shelby Glenn and Zach Herbert, who will be married on Saturday at Grace Valley Farm in Shelbyville. She is the daughter of Tammy and Jackie Glenn. He is the son of Gail and Peter Herbert. She was recently honored with a tea at the home of her paternal grandparents, Sandra and Calvin Glenn. It was hosted by her aunts, Stephanie Glenn, Susan Spivey and Sharon Perez. We wish for them years of happiness!

Happy birthday to Frank Akin. He is celebrating his 90th this week. We wish for him continued health and happiness. (We always look forward to his visits at Williamson Memorial.)

Congratulations to Whitney Giles and Ryan Duning on the arrival of their son. Baylor Ryan Duning was born this July 17, weighing 6 pounds, 6 ounces and was 19½ inches long. His big sister, 5-year-old Mia, has already been helping with him. We wish for them the best of luck with the newest addition!

It does not seem as though GraceWorks has been in business for 25 years. It has done so much for families and continues to do so. It was unable to have its annual fundraiser, but if you donate to them, the donation can be matched. If you send a monetary donation, be sure to write “birthday” on your check. That way it will be included in the challenge. 

Taylor Penning was recently honored for her 2020 graduation. A party was held at the home of her maternal grandparents, Melba and Jerry Lindsey. Family members and friends joined in helping her celebrate on July 12. We wish for her the best of luck in her college years!

I am going to wish our son and daughter-in-law Jeff and Julie Smith a happy anniversary on Aug. 10. (My next column will not come out until after that date.) Their daughter, our granddaughter, Peyton, will celebrate her birthday on Aug. 11. To each of them, we wish much happiness!

Stacey Holt will be honored with a graduation party on Saturday under the pavilion at Mt. Carmel Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The event is being hosted by her parents, Jennifer and Jeff Holt.

So many great things have been said about former Congressman John Lewis, who died this past week. I wish I had more room to write some of them, but the one that stood out to me was, “Restoring America.” I think we can all agree that is what we need to do. Sympathy is extended to each of his family members and friends.

Congratulations to Jamie and Garrette Faulkner on the arrival of their son. He has been named Benton Thomas Faulkner and weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces and was 20 inches long at birth. Proud grandparents are Shelly and Larry Noe and Roberta and Joe Faulkner. Of course, great-grandparents are Linda and Dan Ford, Larry and Carla Noe and Thelma Faulkner, who are just as proud of him. To each of them, enjoy him while he is little, because they grow up too fast. God’s blessings to each of you!

Don’t forget this is the weekend for the annual barbecue at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Only this year it will be different. It will be 2-5 p.m. Saturday, with drive through service only. You can buy plates with side dishes as well as the complete Boston butt. They also will have delicious homemade desserts for sale. You may want to contact the church for more details.

Congratulations to Leah Sharpe and Aaron Clifton, who will be married on Sept. 5. The wedding will take place at Oliver Hollow in Columbia. We wish for them years of happiness. (You may remember that Aaron has been on our prayer chain for months after he was involved in a serious car wreck. Just another example of God hearing and answering prayers.)

So many of our friends and loved ones continue to need our prayers. Among them are B.J. Marlin, Henrietta Whidby, Austin Reed, Doris Pedrick, Sherry McMahan, Michelle Ham, Coach Danny Nowell, Fred Reyes, Stephanie Mangrum. Anita Gillespie, Joel Pedrick, Debbie Crutcher, Kim Hamm, Dan Ford, Charlene Lancaster, Tommy Smith, Billy  and Katie Giles, Jessie and Charlie Bennett, Ronnie and Judy Pitt, Dee Lynch, Delores and David Gilreath, Dugan and Linda Reed, Terry Marlin and his mother, Betty, Dodie Hazelwood, Teresa Locke, and her father ,Harold Wheeley, Ellen Bogle, Billy Wiley, Annie Lee Farrar, Annie Lee Neal, Tom Woodside, Connie Marlin, Tom Willett, Nellie Stephens, Dorris Logue, Austin Reed and Leola Glenn.

To the families who have lost loved ones as well as friends, our deepest sympathy is extended. Among them are Frances Warren Farrar, Julie Terrill Thompson, Jenny Smithson Hernandez, Ty Osman, Angie Bryant Cormier, Jon Michael Walton-Koch III, Norma Jean Brean, Mary Geasley Barnes, Betty Jane Sharp, Ann Pinder Hunt in the death of her father, Irene Bennett Veach, Harry Wayne Potts, Sam Harlow, Ann Marie McDonald, Robert Gerald Goins, Lois Hall, Kirsten Smith, Robert Kibler, Ailene Barnes and Grant Solomon, son of Aaron Solomon formerly of WSMV-Channel 4.

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