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BGA releases fall planning framework

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Battle Ground Academy Head of School Will Kesler shared the school’s tentative planning framework for the fall semester, saying that it will be updated as time goes on.

Battle Ground Academy has released its rough planning framework for the fall semester, including four different scenarios and accompanying action plans.

“I am confident that this fall will be like none other,” said BGA Head of School Will Kesler in an email to families, in which he addressed the current events around the country concerning racial justice. “With all of the challenges before us, it is easy to become sad, angry, and cynical, but it is my hope that these devastating events of the last few weeks, may serve to push us ultimately towards a more hopeful end.”

BGA staff shared in a document that the four scenarios for which the school is planning will be updated in more detail as the beginning of the semester draws near.

“We are not committing to all solutions right now,” the document reads. “While we have some basic, clear guidelines at each level, the rapidity of updates and changes to the most current medical and health information available about COVID-19 means that our updates in July and in August may look a bit different.”

Listed below are the four “levels” of coronavirus presence for which BGA is planning and their accompanying guidelines. 

Level one 

This level assumes such a reduction in coronavirus cases that school is allowed to proceed normally, without modification.

Level two

This level assumes a continued COVID-19 presence in Middle Tennessee but no acute outbreak.

• Students should be screened for symptoms before arrival at school.

• Hand washing and proper hygiene will be encouraged among students, and increased cleaning will be conducted on campus.

• Social distancing will be maintained when possible, and no large gatherings will be conducted.

• Faculty and students will utilize personal protective equipment when appropriate.

• Schedules may be staggered to avoid crowded hallways.

• Community utensils will not be used for dining.

Level three

This level assumes an upward trend in coronavirus cases and considers the closures of nearby schools.

•  Schedules would be changed significantly, and the number of students on campus at one time would be limited.

• Athletics and after-school curriculars would likely be suspended.

• Students and faculty would increase use of personal protective equipment, and the school would regularly undergo deep cleaning.

• Classrooms would be limited to a 10-person capacity.

Level four

This level assumes an acute outbreak in the school or surrounding area.

• Students and faculty would utilize an eLearning platform with a tentative back-to-campus date.

• Updates from school administration would be frequently communicated to families.

• Protocols would be similar to that of the final quarter of the 2019–2020 school year.

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