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Brentwood Fire and Rescue showcases new truck with push-in ceremony

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Hand-drawn fire engines, ladder wagons and hose carts were used to fight fires dating back to the 1600s, when the equipment had to be manually pushed back into the fire station by hand, Brentwood Fire Chief Terry Goss explained. 

On Monday, Brentwood Fire and Rescue staff participated in the first-ever push-in ceremony for its brand new, $899,943 custom Pierce fire truck, which city commissioners approved last year. 

The state-of-the-art fire truck has full pumping capabilities, a 75-foot aerial ladder and a separate sealed compartment for gear exposed to fire to reduce exposure to cancer causing chemicals, among many other features. 

It was a special day for Goss, who explained that at one time hand drawn and horse drawn fire apparatuses had to be unhooked and pushed back into a station by hand for many centuries.

Surrounded by many community members who were clapping in support, fire and rescue staff continued that tradition on Monday – ceremoniously of course, since the truck weighs 60,000 pounds. 

“The tradition of pushing an apparatus back into the station was held when putting a new fire engine or truck into service,” Goss said. “This is something we have not done in Brentwood before. We’re starting a new tradition.”

City commissioners were also in attendance, including Vice Mayor Ken Travis, who congratulated fire and rescue staff on the brand new truck.

“It is wonderful to live and lead in a city that has managed its budget well to be able to afford quality equipment like this,” he said. “Celebrating the present while honoring the past is an excellent way to dedicate this new piece of equipment today, especially in the year Brentwood turns 50 years old.”

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