Brentwood implements new park shelter reservation guidelines

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River Park Shelter

The River Park Shelter in Brentwood.

At the regular Brentwood City Commission meeting on Tuesday, the Brentwood City Commission voted to approve park guidelines to make it easier for Brentwood residents to reserve park shelters. 

The new policy, which takes effect immediately, will designate the month of February for reservations to be made by Brentwood residents/businesses only. All others may book shelter reservations beginning March 1. 

For the 2019 calendar year, there were 400 reservations at Brentwood Park shelters, and only 210 of those were Brentwood residents.

“We felt these numbers should reflect a greater percentage of Brentwood residents using these facilities,” Brentwood City Commissioner Susannah Macmillan said. “I have personally had residents’ express challenges when trying to rent shelters. We hope these changes will make the process and availability easier.” 

In addition to the early booking opportunity for residents, deposits will no longer be required for any facility reservations. However, proof of insurance, including naming the city of Brentwood as an additional insured party, will be required for all businesses requesting to use athletic fields. Also, the rental fees for those looking to reserve shelters who are non-Williamson County residents or businesses will increase by $50 per reservation. 

Review the park shelter availability calendar and reserve park shelters here.

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