Brentwood Public Works aids McNairy County storm cleanup

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Brentwood Public Works

The Brentwood Public Works Department helping with cleanup in McNairy County following strong storms.

As a result of a strong storm system that impacted parts of West Tennessee on Saturday, Oct. 26, the Brentwood Public Works Department sent three equipment operators to help with cleanup in McNairy County.  

On Friday morning, Nov. 1, Stephen Tomlinson, Brian Windrow and Rocky Hood left Brentwood with a grapple truck and a pickup truck. The crew arrived at the McNairy County Highway Garage that morning and worked until 7 p.m. Friday night. 

The crew began work again early Saturday and returned back to Brentwood around 10 p.m. While in McNairy County, the crew worked on several different roads and in total cleared about 3.5 miles of debris. They carried 14 truckloads, or approximately 336 cubic yards, of debris to an open burn site.  

The crew said the few residents they encountered and the county staff both expressed their sincere appreciation for Brentwood’s help. McNairy County Mayor Larry Smith contacted Brentwood Public Works Director Todd Hoppenstedt Saturday afternoon.  

“He wanted to personally express how very thankful he was for our assistance,” Hoppenstedt said. “Mayor Smith did request if we may be able to return this week for another couple of days. While we are currently trying to manage our own heavy work load, if we can spare the crew, we will most certainly try.”

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