Costco celebrates 20-year benchmark at Brentwood location

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In honor of Costco Wholesale’s Brentwood location turning 20 years old, a special anniversary celebration was held on Tuesday in partnership with Williamson, Inc. 

Costco Wholesale is members-only warehouse that sells a variety of items such as bulk groceries and electronics. 

The ribbon cutting ceremony attracted many elected officials, including the mayors of Williamson County, Franklin and Brentwood and many chamber ambassadors. 

Nancy Conway, Williamson, Inc. senior vice president of community relations, congratulated Costco for its dedication to employing approximately 300 people.

“They have had a significant impact on the lives of so many people in this community,” she said. “In addition to the economic benefit, the sales taxes and also the convenience of knowing that you can come here.”

General Manager Glenn McChesney was also celebrating his 20th year working for the company. His career started with Costco in Ft. Myers, Florida. 

“[Costco] told me when I got promoted and took this building, ‘Understand that you’re going to have 250-plus families’ livelihoods in your hand,’” he said. “We as a company take that very serious that we’re a family.”

McChesney also shared that the Brentwood location’s sales were in the top 10 for the Southeast region. 

Fred Satterfield, marketing director, remembers when the store had just opened, and credited building trust with its members as a big reason for the store’s growth. 

“When we first opened in this market, it was a little slow going,” he said. “No one had heard of Costco in the Nashville market. Now, we have gained the trust of the community and our members.”

Costco Wholesale is located at 98 Seaboard Lane in Brentwood.

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