Fire near Peytonsville-Trinity causes 330 power outages

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Brentwood storm damage

Damage left in Brentwood by a strong storm that blew through Williamson County on May 3, 2020.

Update: As of 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, power has been restored to the Peytonsville area. No storm-related outages remain in the Middle Tennessee Electric service area in Williamson County.

After Sunday-night storms caused power outages for more than 170,000 Middle Tennessee residents, Middle Tennessee Electric crew members experienced an electrical fire Wednesday afternoon near Peytonsville-Trinity Road as they attempted to repair power line damage.

"They were fixing one of those areas — it was a larger line that the storm did not completely knock it down. So, what happened was, when they were cutting a tree loose from it, it ended up breaking some other equipment and catching (the pole) on fire," said Adam Elrod of MTE.

He said no one was injured during the fire, but the team is currently working to determine what equipment needs to be replaced.

As of Wednesday morning, MTE had restored power to its 40,000-plus customers affected by the storms and was working on fixing line faults where the crew had redirected electricity. However, the fire in the afternoon caused power outages to an additional 330 customers.

Once the team assesses the damage and determines which equipment needs to be replaced, MTE will provide an estimated time of restoration.

"Over the coming days and weeks, we're going to be going back and fixing a lot of things," Elrod said. "In the storm restoration process, our goal is to get the power back to everyone as quickly as possible, and then afterward we go back and review everything and really check all the equipment for any other issues that may come up, which is what happened with the outage today."

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Great job Team!!! We got our power both times amazingly quick thanks to your hard work and dedication!!!!

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