Affordable housing development to bring 237 condos to Franklin

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Walker Place

Walker Place is an affordable homeownership development off Wood Duck Court in Franklin. 

Community Housing Partnership of Williamson County (CHP) is working to break ground on Walker Place, a significant affordable homeownership development off Wood Duck Court in Franklin. 

Construction is set to begin July 2020. This project is designed to meet the affordable housing needs of those who work and serve in Williamson County, including teachers, healthcare workers, first responders, elderly, those with disabilities and young professionals. 

The site will include eight buildings with one- and two-bedroom condominium units for purchase for homeownership only. There will be 237 total units.

The complex will be just south of the Williamson Medical Center off of Carothers Parkway, centrally located to Interstate 65, Highway 96 and Carothers Parkway. This project is a joint effort by CHP, Civil and Environmental Consultants, Gamble Design Collaborative, Purser Architecture Design, the Walker Family, the city of Franklin, Williamson County, Pinnacle Bank, Franklin Synergy Bank, the Housing Fund and Tennessee Housing Development Agency. 

“I commend Community Housing Partnership on their continued hard work in bringing much-needed, owner-occupied condominiums to the citizens of Franklin with the Wood Duck Court development,” Franklin Alderman Scott Speedy said. 

Community Housing Partnership of Williamson County (CHP) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization working to achieve quality affordable housing for elderly, low-income, disabled and workforce families of Williamson County. By using housing alternatives, CHP seeks to create, supply and maintain appropriate housing through rehabilitation, maintenance and restoration. 

CHP is proud to provide affordable housing options to its neighbors.

"As parents of a special needs child, we have often described the challenge of mapping the future as a giant jigsaw puzzle,” Ron D. Pittman, father of the first individual to reserve a unit, Ryan Pittman, said. “My wife and I have learned that some pieces fit and some don't. We have learned to be OK with the unfinished sections, the starts and stops, and even the pieces that fell off the table. 

“As Ryan grew older, it has become more than exciting to see him tackle the puzzle on his own. He picked up the puzzle piece called 'Independence' readily and willingly. As a young adult, he works daily on the puzzle pieces of responsibility, job, friendship, faith, community and even transportation. But, one piece has been a bit elusive — where will Ryan live after we are no longer in the picture? You should have seen his face as he was signing the papers to get a condo at Wood Duck Court. He has found the puzzle piece called housing. Ryan tells everyone, ‘I am a homeowner!’" 

Purchasers must qualify based on the HUD FY 2020 Income Limits. Reservations are being taken now to secure desired floor plans and locations within the development on a first-come basis. Reservations can be made directly through the CHP office located at 129 W. Fowlkes Street, Suite 124 in Franklin. A $1,000 earnest money deposit is required to secure a reservation. 

Those wishing to secure a reservation can visit and view the For Sale page to download the reservation contract. Schedule an appointment with CHP staff to review the reservation contract and select a floor plan and unit location, or call the CHP office at 615-790-5556 x8951. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Making a reservation through CHP will save you Realtor fees. Buyers will be able to select from a palette of finishes, fixtures and flooring once they become available. Email Sherri-Ann White at sherri-ann@chpwc.orgfor general questions or to schedule an appointment.

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