Building permit data reveals construction slowdown in Franklin

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Harpeth Hotel under construction

Construction crews work to complete The Harpeth Hotel in 2019. 

According to data collected by the city of Franklin, the hefty value of construction within city limits has dropped since hitting a peak in 2017.

A slight slowdown occurred in 2018, followed by a more dramatic dropoff in 2019.

Assistant Director for Building and Neighborhood Services Alex Brown briefly presented the development numbers over the past three years during a Franklin Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting Tuesday night.

Building permits issued by year:

2017: 7,526

2018: 6,518

2019: 6,205

Total construction value:

2017: $818,117,233

2018: $744,688,495

2019: $538,002,065

Total number of new dwelling units:

2017: 1,595

2018: 978

2019: 1,101

The city also collected a difference of approximately $6.6 million less in 2019 in road impact, water and sewer, and building permit fees, as compared with 2017.

The biggest portion of that number came from the nearly $5 million difference in road impact fees, from $11.3 million in 2017 to $6.5 million in 2019.

Brown called 2017 “an outlier, a very high number for the city of Franklin.”

“There’s been a decrease,” he said, “but still pretty high numbers.”

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