Franklin Elementary students sing to seniors for Valentine’s Day

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At Franklin Elementary School, students have been preparing for about five weeks to bring a little Valentine’s Day sweetness to their neighbors down the road. 

As the second-grade class filed into the hallways at NHC Healthcare in Franklin, they sang rehearsed songs, along with Franklin Elementary music teacher Patrick Bourn and his guitar, to the residents throughout the home. After running through happy tunes like “Yankee Doodle,” “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” and a Valentine’s Day song, the kids moved to a different hallway to bring some cheer to new friends. 

Bourn said he takes different groups from the school to visit the senior care facility during Christmas time every year. This was the first time he’s taken a group during Valentine’s. 

“We want to be a blessing to our community, so we feel like we’ve got great students and we want to share the students with our community,” Bourn said. “Because [NHC] is so close to us, it just makes sense, especially around Valentine’s Day, because Valentine’s Day can be sort of lonely. This is a good way for us to come over here and brighten up people’s days.” 

Jan Kling, one of the residents at NHC, said, being a “people person,” he enjoys having visitors. His wife, Susan, said they have grandchildren around the age of the Franklin Elementary students, so they enjoyed hearing their singing. 

As the children moved from hallway to hallway, some residents came to their doorways to see the kids, some clapped from their beds, and some listened quietly. After they finished their visit, the students waved to each resident they passed on their way out, wishing them a happy “Valentimes” Day.

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