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FSSD hosts faculty and staff meet-and-greet for parents and students

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FSSD Meet and Greet

Franklin Special School District hosted meet-and-greet sessions at each of its schools, giving parents and students the opportunity to meet with their new teachers and sign up for school programs.

Franklin Special School District hosted meet-and-greet sessions at each of their schools Monday to give parents and students the opportunity to meet faculty, staff and other families just two days before the start of school.

The parking lots of the elementary and middle schools packed out as families joined together to prepare for another year. At Freedom Intermediate School, students were able to meet with this year’s five new teachers as well as familiar faces from last year.

Freedom Intermediate Principal Joel Hoag said the faculty and staff are prepared for another year focused on the basics of reading, writing and math with explorations into music, computer projects and foreign languages, and this event gives parents and students a chance to get plugged in and get excited.

“We want everybody to come in excited and come in confident in what the children will learn and experience this year,” Hoag said.

Not only were parents able to meet their kids’ teachers, but they were also able to register for the Parent Teacher Organization to get involved in the school.

Carol Marks has been involved in the PTO for the last seven years and is now beginning her second year at Freedom Intermediate. Through the PTO, she has served in hospitality, fundraising, teacher appreciation and more.

She said, this year, she’s most excited for her son’s involvement in the school’s honors program, which offers advanced courses in science, math and English language studies for fifth and sixth grade.

“Nobody’s holding his hand and babying him anymore, and they do a lot of projects that are individual, but then they also do a lot of group projects," Marks said. "So, it’s just good for him to learn all those different environments, because he’s going to need that.

“They’re kind of baby-stepping them into it in fifth grade, like how to be a big boy and do all that on your own, like time management for a big project — you don’t just wait until the last day. Those are life skills I don’t remember learning as a kid, so these are the years that he’s learning that, and they do a really great job training them in how to do that.”

Students were also able to sign up for programs like MAC, FSSD’s before- and after-school program.

Freedom Intermediate MAC Director Reed Pagett was at the event to meet with families and share the various activities planned for the year. He said the program serves as childcare but also a place for students to take enrichment classes and receive help with homework.

Pagett said he’s excited to partner with the health department for the program’s cooking classes this year.

FSSD begins classes with a half day on Wednesday, Aug. 7. For more information, visit

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