Quore celebrates milestones with new space

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Franklin native Scott Schaedle was working as a hotel engineer trying to find a solution to the frustrations and miscommunications he encountered while trying to do his job. 

That led to the creation of his company Quore, a cloud-based software company created for the hospitality industry.

On Thursday, Schaedle, along with his 70 employees and Williamson, Inc., celebrated the opening of the new office space that was needed for Quore’s’ growth.

“We are thrilled to have reached many milestones this year,” Schaedle said. “Who would have guessed we would have a tech company that started in downtown Franklin? I saw the potential and opportunity for local talent to create a product with revolutionary power.” 

Schaedle, who was working in the hotel industry in Atlanta, wanted to move back to his hometown roots to start his business.

“Once we found out we were having a child, I told my wife, we need to move back to Franklin,” he said.

What started in a small office in downtown Franklin with a few employees now employs 70. Quore celebrated Thursday with the opening of their new office space in the Meridian Center in Cool Springs. 

“We are thrilled to have reached many milestones this year,” Schaedle said. “As our team has grown, a new office became essential for running operations. We required more space to collaborate and continue expanding our team.”

Schaedle went on to say Quore recently celebrated hitting their goal of reaching 4,000 hotels.

“This would not have been possible without all of us being together in singular space,” he said.

The Quore software streamlines communication and simplifies what needs to get done in a hotel. Users are able to prioritize what matters most: their guests’ satisfaction. 

With Quore, hotels are able to improve daily operations and simultaneously ensure everything is in working order for great guest stays.

Quore’s software is the first in hotel operations to have a mobile app and is the industry leader with over 4,000 hotels using the product, including some of the industry’s largest brands IHG, Marriott, Hilton and Choice. The software helps support tracking work orders, executing preventative maintenance and managing guest requests, improving complaint responsiveness and creating world-class proficiencies in housekeeping.

“This is a great success story,” Nancy Conway of Williamson, Inc said. “It’s great that [Schaedle] came back to his hometown to start-up this business.”

Quore is located at 5000 Meridian Blvd, Suite 400 in Cool Springs. Their website is www.quore.com.

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