Shopping security plan in place at CoolSprings Galleria for holidays

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FPD CoolSprings Galleria

The Franklin Police Department has initiated a security plan designed to safeguard shoppers, deter crime and arrest criminals at Franklin’s shopping venues now through the remainder of the Christmas shopping season.

“Franklin police officers assigned to the city’s shopping districts will have zero tolerance for crime and criminals,” FPD Chief Deborah Faulkner said. “Our officers are committed to keeping Franklin safe for Franklin residents, visitors and businesses.”

Using highly visible patrols by uniformed and plain-clothed officers in unmarked vehicles, Franklin police will work closely with retailers, security teams and the district attorney’s office to ensure shoplifters, identity thieves, auto burglars and other criminals who try to take advantage of this busy time of year are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. A Franklin police command post and mobile security cameras will be staffed by officers who are assigned to the CoolSprings Galleria through Christmas.

Remember to park smart. Thieves love crowded parking lots and are known to randomly check door handles for unlocked car doors while peering into windows to see what’s inside. Even if car doors are locked, when crooks see valuables inside, they often force entry by breaking a lock or window. Once inside, thieves push the trunk release to check for purses or other stowed valuables. Police recommend never leaving purses or other valuables in a parked car.

FPD form

Officers on patrol who see something that could put you or your valuables at risk may leave a form to let you know they were there and share suggestions on how to increase your safety and security. Safeguarding a community is everyone’s responsibility, and citizens play a big role in deterring crime.

Ways to stay informed: Opt-in with an email address to get email alerts the moment Franklin Police publish new information

• Follow FPD on Twitter

• Subscribe to Nixle Citizen Alerts to get information that Franklin police need residents to know about and take immediate action on. Those alerts are few and far between, probably less than a dozen a year. Just text your zip code to 888777 to opt in Search for your neighborhood and opt in. Franklin police share geographically based info there when they need to get word to a specific neighborhood or two.

If you’ve ever been curious about what crime looks like in and around your Franklin neighborhood, you can visit Franklin’s and enter your address. The search is highly customizable, so you can get a good understanding of recent and historical incidents in areas of town that matter most to you.

Crime prevention tips:

• Do not leave valuables in your vehicle, i.e. purses, packages, backpacks, phones, computers, tablets, money, credit cards, guns, etc.

• If you have visitors staying at your home or in a nearby hotel, have them bring their belongings in, especially at night

• Lock your vehicle

• Never leave your vehicle running and unattended

• Keep deliveries from being stolen by package thieves by having them delivered to your work or stay-at-home neighbor’s house instead of having them left, unattended, on your front porch

• Avoid setting your purse or wallet in a shopping cart, and be sure to keep your purse zipped or snapped

If you see or hear anything that seems suspicious, call the Franklin Police Department at (615) 794-2513.

Going out of town? Let Franklin Police keep an extra eye on your home.

Franklin Police Department. Protecting, connecting.

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