Spring Hill man charged with DUI in Franklin Wednesday afternoon

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Kevin Conklin

Kevin Conklin, 38, was charged with DUI in Franklin.

Franklin police officers found 38-year-old Kevin Conklin’s disabled vehicle off of Highway 96 West shortly before 2 p.m. on Wednesday. 

The driver’s side front end of Conklin’s truck had been severely damaged, and officers encountered Conklin as he was trying to change his flat tire. They determined he was impaired. 

It is unclear what Conklin, of Spring Hill, hit with his truck. He was charged with DUI and is due in court on Feb. 27. The Magistrate released him on his own recognizance.

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ROR? Who is responsible for this? FPD? General Sessions Judges? Do they realize the significance of this? Get drunk, wreck into something, don't remember what it was, released to kill your loved ones. Look at franklinpdnews.com. Oct 23rd, Mackenzie Kruger, drunk, injury crash on I-65, empty beer cans in car, $1,500 bond / $150 cash… have a nice day. Nov 5th, Johnathan Bernet, drunk, crash on I-65, two loaded handguns while impaired, $3,000 bond / $300 cash, rinse and repeat. Drive Drunk, Get Nailed, Hour in Jail, ROR, Drive Home.

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