The Recovery Lounge to host grand opening at Franklin location

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The Recovery Lounge, a new addition on Liberty Pike near The Factory at Franklin, has announced its grand opening for Saturday, Feb. 15.

With a range of treatments designed to increase athletic performance, combat fatigue and improve overall function and movement, The Recovery Lounge provides a relaxing way to enjoy “rest day” with services that include cryotherapy, electrotherapy, compression and stretch therapy.

In addition to treatment services, The Recovery Lounge also offers a smoothie bar with nourishing, locally sourced ingredients to reduce inflammation, increase energy and support healing.

Named by the “Today Show” as one of the top five wellness trends of 2020, recovery treatments can aid the body in relieving soreness, fatigue and reduce the likelihood of injury. From average gym-goers to performance athletes, The Recovery Lounge was designed to support individuals on their quest to live active lifestyles while maximizing the physical and psychological benefits of rest days.

“Recovery services are generally offered in gym environments, physical therapy offices or come with the price tag of a high-end spa experience,” said Kenny Bailey, founder and owner of The Recovery Lounge and a six-year Franklin resident. “We wanted to create an atmosphere that felt relaxing and approachable for both the average person and the serious athlete. The Recovery Lounge lets anyone experience the benefits of these sophisticated, effective treatments. With the combination of recovery therapies and a smoothie bar, it’s truly the only one of its kind in the area.”

Bailey has worked as a high-level executive in the healthcare technology industry for nearly 20 years, bringing wellness products to market for Fortune 50 companies and startups. As an avid endurance athlete, competing in Ironman, marathons and cycling races, he started The Recovery Lounge as a way to fulfill an unmet need in the Franklin community and beyond. 

“Our community is full of highly driven, active and busy individuals,” he said. “An important but often ignored part of staying healthy for life is replenishing and recovering the body so it can leverage what it needs to perform well, whether at the gym or just in day-to-day life.”

To learn more about The Recovery Lounge, visit

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