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Landmark Booksellers helping to foster lifelong reading habits

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Literacy is an important message at Landmark Booksellers. Another is teaching children to put down their electronic devices and pick up a great book. 

Each Saturday morning at 11 a.m., Carol Tomlin, who owns the Franklin bookstore with her husband, Joel, reads to children at the store. Since the room only has capacity for six children, if there are more and weather permits, she reads outside. 

Tomlin reads books with messages about race and empowering women, helping to teach children the importance of social justice and equality.

Landmark offers works of all kinds for children, ranging from classics like the “Oz” series to new releases by Franklin resident Kathie Lee Gifford and Ellie Holcomb’s beautifully illustrated “Who Sang the First Song?” There are also children’s books by Dolly Parton and by Joanna Gaines that make wonderful gifts. 

In reference to the COVID-19 pandemic, Landmark also sells a new book called “Good Morning Zoom,” the first book from author Lindsay Rechler. 

“We have to get children off computers and get books in hand,” Tomlin said. “Please, young parents, read to your babies. As a grandmother and former teacher, creating readers makes for better human beings.” 

Before COVID-19, many homeschool groups would visit the store as a field trip. Now, Tomlin is seeing more families come into the store together. She loves how they are teaching their children the value of reading a good book.

The store has something for everyone, from popular cookbooks, amazing books on local history and favorite coffee table books. 

Landmark Booksellers is located at 114 E. Main St. in Franklin. Call 615-791-6400 or visit for more information.

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