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Local chef fills need with salad business

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When Stephanie Graham was house hunting in Williamson County, the trained chef quickly realized there weren’t many places that made great-tasting, healthy salads, even joking to her husband, “If I ever want to start a business when we move here, I am going to start a salad business.” 

Graham and her family moved from Napa, California eight months before COVID-19 hit, and she was planning to work remotely as culinary director of the Napa Valley Film Festival. 

When the festival canceled, Graham found herself needing to fill time, so she decided to turn her idea into a reality, opening Bistro Green Salads in May in Franklin.

The salad company delivers fresh salads to customers daily, Monday-Friday. Using Instagram, Graham designed a menu that presents a different salad each day with menus dropping on Fridays for the following week.

The day Graham launched her business, her husband, Jimmy, lost his job due to the pandemic. Realizing they would need more than a few salads a day to get by, Graham got to work building spreadsheets in Google and planning a strategy of how to grow her business.

Bistro Green Salads now takes in upwards of 60 orders per day. The salad is different every day, and since opening, she has only repeated a half dozen of her creations. 

Using only seasonal and local is important to Graham. Her lettuce is from Locust Basin Farm in College Grove, an aeroponic farm committed to providing clean, fresh, sustainable greens year-round. 

“The key is the dressing,” she said. “Every dressing I make is from scratch.”

The wife and husband team deliver right to the customer’s door from 9 a.m. until noon each day. That gives them plenty of time to spend with their two daughters, which they both enjoy. 

“Right now, we are loving working together,” Graham said. “We work during the time the girls are at school and then focus on family.” 

Because Graham believes in eating healthy, she provides her clients MyFitnessPal information to help with nutritional tracking. 

The cost of a salad is $10, $12 if you add protein. Bistro Green Salads also offers group orders.

In October, Graham will add a soup per week and has planned out her schedule through the end of the year. In addition, Michaella Zetts, owner of Sourdoughs of Somerset and also a new Williamson County local hailing from Napa, California, has partnered to make bread bowls for Graham’s soups. 

Follow Bistro Green Salads on Instagram, or call or text 707-758-5955 to place an order. Orders can be taken up until midnight the night before, however, some salads do sell out. 

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