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Nearly tragic event leads to Spring Hill Safety Day creation

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A Spring Hill nurse is partnering with the city's fire department to host a Safety Day on July 21.

The event will be held from 2-6:30 p.m. at the Wades Grove Community Pavilion in Spring Hill, located at the end of Wades Crossing across from the swimming pool.

The idea for Safety Day came after an almost tragic event.

Just over a month ago, mother and nurse Jenifer Evans was playing basketball with her children at their neighborhood basketball court when Evans noticed commotion across the street at the community’s pool. She noticed a body lying on the ground with people standing around it and, being a nurse, rushed across the street calling for someone to open the pool gate. 

Seconds after Evans arrived, the young lady went into cardiac arrest. Evans worked on her at poolside, shocking her twice, until first responders arrived. 

Thankfully, after two weeks in the ICU at Vanderbilt and a surgery to implant an ICD and pacemaker, the young lady is at home recovering. 

“Following this event, many of my community members reached out to me on Facebook and messenger asking if I could teach them CPR or if I knew how and where they could learn,” Evans said. “As a nurse, part of my job is to educate. Therefore, I was inspired to help my community by organizing a Safety Day which will include free CPR, AED and basic first aid training.”

The Spring Hill Fire Department will be on hand to provide the training. Afterwards, there will be a Safety Day Bash, free of charge, that will include the Jim ‘N Nick’s food truck, ice cream from Andy's Frozen Custard, live music from the recording duo My One and Only, a jump house, face painting, raffles and t-shirt sales, as well as many other fun activities. Vendors, including Spring Hill Tri Star ER, Williamson Medical Center, Snodgrass King Dental, Grace Pediatrics and others, will also set up booths and provide further safety and health related information.  

Contact Evans via email at for more information.

The Safety Day also comes just days after Spring Hill’s annual Health and Wellness Fair, to be held at the U.A.W. Hall on Stephen Yokich Parkway from July 17-18.

Go to the Spring Hill city website for more information.

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