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Tin Roof 2 owner says bar 'had nothing to do' with party buses in county

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Party Bus

The Dierks Bentley Whiskey Row party bus in Cool Springs.

After a report of party buses loading and unloading behind Tin Roof 2 in Cool Springs causing a stir in the county over the weekend, the bar owner reached out for comment Monday. 

Jason Sheer, founder of Tin Roof Acquisition Co. LLC, T.R. Franklin Inc. and T.R. III LLC, said he was trying to enjoy a trip out of town over the weekend, but instead, his phone blew up with calls from bar staff regarding the buses. 

“We had nothing to do with the party buses showing up,” he said. “I’m not denying they were there, but my manager was directed to ask them to leave.” 

A screenshot of a text message from Sheer to his staff was provided to the Herald, which states, “Everyone – absolutely no party buses allowed at TR2. Do not let them in. Turn them away. Thanks.” 

“We don’t have a bouncer,” Sheer said Monday. “We had two bartenders and three servers working, and they were bombarded on Saturday. My manager got on the bar and asked them to leave. They were upset, and we don’t know what they were told by the party bus company.” 

Sheer said he reached out to Grant Rosenblat, who owns Honky Tonk Party Express, one of the “transportainment” buses that was operating in Cool Springs Saturday, and told him the buses had to go. 

“He couldn’t have been nicer and said he would take care of it,” Sheer said. 

When the bus patrons were asked to leave Tin Roof 2, Sheer said several were angry. 

“While we were getting rid of them, they were angry, for sure, telling us off,” he said. “Any time you’re kicked out of an establishment and there is alcohol involved there will be people upset.”

Both Franklin Mayor Ken Moore and Brentwood Mayor Rhea Little issued statements over the weekend saying the party buses were not welcome in their respective cities. Little reiterated his comments Monday, saying Tin Roof 2 has not always acted in good faith during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Yes, I feel for [Sheer] on this one if he had nothing to do with it, but during shutdown, when others were trying to do the right thing, their parking lot was a mess,” Little said. “I guess he got the broad brush, kind of like when you get caught smoking in the boys room once then if you are coming out when others are smoking in the stalls the principal goes to bring you in with the group. 

“I truly feel for the businesses, as I am a business owner … but we have too many who have divorced personal responsibility from personal liberty and divorced ‘my rights’ from ‘love your neighbor.’”

On the Honky Tonk Party Express website, it says the business offers stops at bars once an hour on the route for bathroom breaks. 

The Herald has reached out to the company’s owner for comment but has yet to receive one.

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