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Westhaven commemorates park in honor of Boyce Magli

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Westhaven residents, community members and family members all gathered in Westhaven’s lakefront park Thursday to commemorate one of the original visionaries behind the neighborhood community in Franklin. 

Boyce Magli, who founded Magli Realty, passed away in August of 2019 while doing what he loved in Argentina, bird hunting. However, many decades earlier, he brokered a deal with a developer that has had a long-lasting impact on Franklin and the Westhaven community. 

Southern Land Company founder and CEO Tim Downey shared with the crowd Thursday he was grateful to Magli for sharing his vision, expertise and foresight that have led the Westhaven community to be what it is today. 

“[Boyce] was a good friend, an investor in Westhaven, but he was also the person who originally gave me the idea to acquire all this land,” Downey explained. “We miss [Boyce] very much,  and Westhaven wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that vision he had.” 

Downey also shared more about what he remembers most about Magli and the special friendship they formed over the years.

“I wish Boyce could be here to see all this. He would be thrilled and humbled,” Downey said. “He wouldn’t be happy with me making such a big deal over this, but he deserves this.” 

Westhaven’s lakefront park, now named Magli Green Park, was named in honor of Magli and his family’s contributions to Westhaven A champagne toast, ice cream and music were all part of the celebratory event.  

The event also highlighted the completion of Westhaven’s Town Center. 

One of Magli’s sons, Cooper, shared many good memories the father-son duo shared over the years, which of course included a lot of hunting. Whether it was deer, wild game, encountering poachers or missing deer stands, those memories are ones Cooper will cherish forever.  

“As much as my father loved to work squeezing a nickel out of developers, he loved to play too,” Cooper said. “The Jewell family farm that became Westhaven, or at least part of it, was his favorite playground. Dad loved to hunt, fish and this farm was abundant in wild game.”

Cooper also recalled working for Jimmy Jewell, who kept him busy in the hay fields, tomato gardens and preparing tobacco for harvest. Performing that type of work was a humbling experience for Cooper, who felt that he had a special connection to the land because of those experiences. 

“I learned the value of handwork on that farm and the value of community,” he said. “So, Jimmy Jewell thank you for that job. To say this land is special to my family is an understatement. To have a part of it named in my dad’s memory is truly special. It honors his dedication to his profession, community and his friendship with the Jewell family, and his passion for the outdoors.” 

From birthdays to anniversaries, Cooper and his family have celebrated many special big milestones over the years at the Westhaven Golf Club and have enjoyed the company and hospitality of his neighbors. Cooper hopes Westhaven continues to create memories for everyone who calls it home for many years to come. 

“This park is a tribute to Franklin of old and new,” he said. “With the help of my father, the Jewell family, Tim and everyone at Southern Land and many others, but most importantly you, the residents of Westhaven, you’ve made Westhaven a community and our family is privileged and honored to be a part of it.”

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