Jennifer Moss

Jennifer Moss is running for election to the District 3 seat against Eliot Mitchell.

Jennifer Moss, who is running for election to the District 3 seat, is a medical coding educator at a career college, a mother of three children who attend schools in the district and a Spring Hill resident since 2013.

Moss’ campaign centers on the idea that education is “the socioeconomic equalizer.” She says that a major focus for her is looking into year-round school and finding ways to save money.

“I think that would benefit the students the best,” she said. “I think that would save us some money. We could be on break maybe over the coldest parts of the year or be on break over the hottest part of the year to save on energy costs in the school.”

She said that year-round school could help students retain more information and prevent the need for heavy review at the beginning of each school year.

Moss has also expressed that she would like to expand remote learning options and potentially look into hybrid schooling with online and on-campus options.

“As a teacher, I know how challenging it is to teach online,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “It takes a lot of extra effort to make an online class powerful. Our teachers are good enough to get it done!”

Another topic she hopes to address on the board is school transportation and overcrowded buses.

“Instead of our middle schoolers getting up pre-dawn, when they can’t function, how about switching school times?” she posed on Facebook.

Moss is challenging incumbent Eliot Mitchell for the District 3 seat.

To learn more about Moss, follow her campaign on Facebook at

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