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Williamson County Schools weekly notes Heritage Middle School

Sandra Ratajczak of Heritage Middle School writes: 

Janie Berry’s 6th Grade Science Class demonstrates the relationship between kinetic & potential energy.
L-R: Caitlin Dempsey, Ian Milke, Janie Berry, Hunter Bossman, MacKenzie Fesler

The sixth grade scince students are currently wrapping-up a unit on Energy. As part of this unit, students incorporated the Engineering Design Process by designing and constructing a roller coaster using various materials into the design. Students researched roller coasters, created a protocol and a prototype of the roller coaster, and integrated the concepts of potential and kinetic energy, energy conversions, and how the law of conservation of energy is applied to the process. Students enjoyed the project and learned a lot of concepts from the group design.

Karen Rode’s 6th Grade Spanish Class’s paper people

Karen Rode’s sixth grade Spanish classes learned how to identify themselves using descriptive adjectives Afterwards, they created a “paper person” to represent their personality and presented them to the class.

Posted on: 9/27/2012


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