Kenley Brown

Kenley Brown is Fairview’s Junior Youth of the Year. 

The Fairview Boys & Girls Club’s Junior Youth of the Year Kenley Brown, a seventh grader at Fairview Middle School, has been a member of the club since she was 5 years old. 

“My friend wanted me to come,” she said. “I’ve seen how the club changes kids. I watched a lot of kids grow up coming from dreamers to achievers. I like helping little kids. They’re so cute.” 

Brown enjoys playing games and helping younger members of the club with schoolwork and loves making them laugh. 

“Sometimes, they just need a hug,” she said. “They also make me laugh when I’m down.” 

Kenley has made lasting friendships at the club. It’s helped her grow up, take on responsibilities and be a leader. 

Last year, she started channeling her competitive spirit on the middle school wrestling team. She’s also on an AAU wrestling team and occasionally practices with high schoolers, which has helped her improve both on the mat and off it. 

“Wrestling with people more experienced has taught me not to get mad when I loose but to take pride in what I did and learn something,” she said. “I’m passionate about it.” 

Her passion and talent earned Kenley a second-place finish at her first state wrestling tournament. 

“I’ve always been rough-housy,” Kenley said. “I like the competitive part, and wrestling helps get my anger out — it’s a release. Miss Tamara (Fairview Boys & Girls Club director) made it so I was able to wrestle. She made sure I got to practices on time.” 

Kenley hopes her passion and talent will earn her a college scholarship. 

She has other talents, as well. She’s been singing in the school choir since third grade, and in fifth and sixth grade, she played tuba in the school concert band. This year, she switched to the saxophone, the same instrument her father used to play. 

“It’s one of my favorite things,” Kenley said. “Last year, I was inspired by Kenny G. The saxophone is a beautiful instrument.” 

She often uses time at the club to practice and entertain club members. 

Her favorite subjects in school are science — especially the labs — and social studies. 

“I’m interested in other places and other people,” she said. “[Social studies] gets me into it, and I don’t want to quit learning — plus, I have a good teacher.” 

Her interest is science and social studies will help on her future career choice. After she accompanied her pregnant older sister to an OB-GYN appointment, Kenley decided she wanted to be a “baby doctor” and help women. 

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