An open letter from Williamson Memorial & Spring Hill Memorial

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Stephens Family

From left: Casey Stephens, Pam Stephens, Chris Stephens, David Stephens, Mandi Marlin

To our family and friends of Williamson County:

More than 40 years ago, Clyde and Nellie Stephens started a business steeped in service. They had a calling to serve this community in its time of grief and sacrificed everything they ever had to establish Williamson Memorial Funeral Home and later, Spring Hill Memorial Funeral Home. Today, their children and grandchildren continue to honor that sacrifice and serve this community.

Together, we are facing some of the most difficult circumstances our nation has ever seen in our lifetime. Today, we had to tell three children we could not hold a service of more than ten for their mother, no public visitation or service – a mother whose life deserves to be celebrated.

Clyde and Nellie Stephens did not know the word “no” and that was instilled in us as well, so having to say that word to this family (and the many others that will surely follow) was extremely difficult.

We respect our leadership, our president, our governor and our local elected officials and cooperating with them during this time is our number one priority. To our Williamson County community, we want you to know that we are (still) here and will continue to serve you and your loved ones, however, we are functioning under the constraints put before us, which is markedly different than what you and we have come to know.

This too shall pass, and we urge everyone to abide by the order of “social distancing” that has been set before us. Together, as a community, we will overcome.


The Stephens Family and staff of Williamson Memorial & Spring Hill Memorial

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