Ed Smith named president of Williamson Christian College


Williamson Christian College's board of trustees has named Dr. Ed Smith as president. He is founder of Oxygen for Leaders, an executive coaching and consultancy organization, and an expert in managing change within business and faith-based organizations.Smith has more than 25 years of experience working in commercial banking and with church and non-profit organizations. He holds an M.B.A. from the University of Kentucky and a Ph.D. in organizational leadership from Regent University.

"This is an exciting and promising time for Williamson Christian College, and we look forward to continued progress and development under President Ed Smith's leadership," said Jim O'Donnell, chairman of the college's board.

"Ed's unique leadership skills will support and enhance the performance of all our team members at the college and continue our reputation of excellent service to our students. All the members of the board of trustees are excited about our bright future under his leadership," he added.

Much of Smith's career has been focused on helping leaders understand the underlying organizational culture, creating an appropriate transition strategy and getting on the right path to achieve its objectives. He refers to his leadership model as "servant leadership on steroids," noting, "The greatest model of servant leadership is Jesus Christ."

"I am very honored that the board of trustees has placed confidence in me leading the college forward. But I could not be effective in this role were it not for the outstanding team members that are overwhelmingly devoted to Williamson's success. Not only do we have a superb and gifted board, but each staff and faculty member has sacrificially committed himself or herself to the vision to which God has called us. I'm humbled to be a part of this developing story," Smith said.

An avid mountaineer, Smith has coordinated and led a leadership development trek that reached base camp of Mount Everest in 2005 and 2008. At nearly 18,000 ft. in altitude, Everest Base Camp is the staging area for climbers attempting to summit Mt. Everest, the world's highest peak.

He and his wife, Kay DeKalb Smith, live in Franklin. They have two grown daughters: Evin (husband, Luke) and Allie (husband, Jordan), and two grandchildren, Cohen (age 3) and Kinzie (age 1).

Founded in 1998, Williamson Christian College is a non-profit organization that serves students of all ages, including non-traditional ones who typically are older students already in the workforce. Classes are usually held one evening a week and one class at a time. Williamson Christian College is not related to a denomination and is guided by an 11-member board of trustees. For more information, visit www.williamsoncc.edu.

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