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Brain Wellness Clinic opens in Westhaven Town Center

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BIPRI has announced the opening of the Brain Wellness Clinic in the Westhaven Town Center. 

Located in Franklin’s Westhaven Medical Building at 1025 Westhaven Boulevard, the clinic is part of a complete brain health and wellness program offered by BIPRI, the Brain Injury Performance and Recovery Institute.

BIPRI offers a complete program including unique technology that allows brain activity to be measured and tracked in real time. This technology is not available anywhere else in Middle Tennessee. 

These baseline assessments are performed in a relaxed office environment in as little as 30 minutes using a new tool called the BIPRI brain scan. These tests combine measures of brain response and physical response to give a direct assessment of brain function.  

BIPRI was founded on a simple goal: find a better way to help promote brain wellness and provide hope for those suffering from brain-related issues. The programs represent seven years of intense work with doctors, therapists, dietitians, chiropractors and other medical professionals. During this development phase, BIPRI created a new integrative system that changes the way brain wellness is supported.

A team of some of the world’s foremost experts in nutrition, fitness, brain science and wellness were assembled by BIPRI to create one-of-a-kind programs that are revolutionizing how brain health and wellness is viewed. BIPRI is committed to providing individuals with simple, holistic, and safe brain wellness programs that are grounded in science and based on the belief that everyone deserves a healthy brain.

The BIPRI baseline brain scan, in consultation with the staff, can help individuals develop a multi-disciplinary program for improved brain health and performance or to track concussion recovery and readiness to return to sports activities.

To learn more about the clinic or to schedule a baseline brain scan, visit

The BIPRI Brain Scan is FDA cleared as a 10-20 position EEG device, which qualifies for insurance reimbursement. The BIPRI Brain Scan is FDA cleared for use in routine clinical and research settings. BIPRI gladly accepts HSA and FSA payments.

For more information on brain health and wellness, visit For more information about this topic, call Bob Hutchins at 615-554-4871 or email   

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