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Cool Springs Modern Dentistry focuses on education and prevention

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Cool Springs Modern Dentistry, near Life Time Athletic in Franklin, celebrated a ribbon cutting on Wednesday in partnership with Williamson, Inc. 

Located off of Carothers Parkway in Franklin, Cool Springs Modern Density is a comprehensive dental office offering services from teeth cleanings to root canals. 

The company opened in May with five full-time staff members. Dentist Steven Roush comes from Washington state, and he moved to Williamson County to be closer to family. 

Roush has spent four years in dentistry, and has several family members who have worked in the dentistry field, which ultimately led him to pursue that career path. 

“My grandfather always said, ‘Steven, you should be a dentist,’” he said. 

After graduating from the University of Utah, Roush took his family’s advice and became a dentist. Since, he has enjoyed everything about the experience. 

“I’m a people person,” he said. “My favorite part of dentistry is just the positive interactions I have with patients.”

Roush realizes going to the dentist can be an intimidating experience for some, and he wants to put them at ease with friendly conversation throughout the visit. 

“My goal is to help them to finally get that relief,” he said. “I like taking them from a place they don’t want to be to a place where they’re happy and satisfied.”

For Roush, educating every patient on preventative steps they can take to maintain a healthy mouth is the goal. 

“If we can teach you how to do things and how to treat things a little better at home without us, and reduce how many times you need to come to the dentist to make your teeth and gums better, then that’s a win,” he said. 

Cool Springs Modern Dentistry is located at 5040 Carothers Parkway. For more information, visit

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