Elevated Wealth Management brings family-owned business to Williamson County

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Thursday morning marked a new chapter for Eric and Jennifer Fritts as they held a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Williamson, Inc. to celebrate the opening of Elevated Wealth Management, their new family-owned wealth management firm. 

Hailing from Knoxville, the Fritts recently moved to the Nashville area to launch their firm in a new community, hoping to build a presence in the rapidly expanding financial market in the area. 

“(We want) to better those around us, the families of Franklin and Brentwood and Williamson County,” Eric Fritts said, “just by bringing all of our knowledge and experience in working to help prepare people for retirement, to give them a sense of peace and serenity when they’re making a very intimidating change in their life. So, first and foremost is educating the community and becoming a resource for the variety of questions that arrive in your shift from being an employee to living off of everything you’ve worked for your entire life.”

Elevated Wealth Management will specialize in creating comprehensive strategies for pre-retirees and retirees, helping them organize everything from income and investments to estate management in preparing for retirement. 

For Williamson, Inc. Senior Vice President of Community Relations Nancy Conway, the business’ foundation as a family firm brings a personal touch to those services that builds on Williamson County’s heritage of family businesses.  

“We have had a base of family-owned businesses in this community historically,” Conway said. “We have some today that are still in operation that have been here 75 years, others 50 years. They’re family owned, and they have set an example. ... We’re fortunate to see more and more of that here, and I always commend people who run family-owned businesses. It’s tremendous when people take that challenge and are comfortable doing it.” 

As Elevated prepares to officially begin marketing its services in September, Jennifer Fritts, Elevated’s marketing director, hopes to see the company’s impact on the community quickly grow as they build relationships in their new city. 

As a small family-owned business of three employees, the Fritts face unique challenges, including caring for their three children. They’ve had to plan their business around those challenges, even including a special back room in their office for their children to play in during work hours.

Combining Eric’s financial experience and Jennifer’s marketing skillset was a natural choice. 

“It just made sense for us to do it together,” Jennifer Fritts said. 

Eric Fritts hopes that as their new firm’s presence grows in the Franklin community, they will get the chance to build the relationships with their clients that a family-owned business is uniquely equipped to build. 

“One of the things that makes us stand out, is that to us, our clients are family,” Eric Fritts said. “We strive to build a relationship in which we can start to really understand what their goals and objectives and fears are – and the only way you can do that is through development of personal relationships beyond the numbers.” 

More information on Elevated Wealth Management and its services can be found at www.elevatedwealth.com.

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