Franklin Fine Jewelry cuts ribbon with promise to stay local

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Downtown Franklin’s newest jewelry store, Franklin Fine Jewelry, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday morning to celebrate their grand opening, with Nashville-area natives Beau Leonard and Jason Moss officially marking their new store’s arrival onto the Franklin jewelry scene.

Partnering with Williamson, Inc. for the event, MTSU graduates Leonard and Moss welcomed interested visitors and Williamson, Inc. ambassadors to look at the jewelry on display while chatting with the store’s employees. Williamson, Inc. Director of Member Engagement Leigh Bawcom kicked off the ribbon-cutting ceremony by introducing the two owners, emphasizing their local backgrounds, before Moss discussed the store’s place in the Franklin community.

“We hope that being local, we’ll get to know everybody,” Moss said. “We try to support local businesses and small businesses, because that’s what we’ve always done, even though we were wholesalers. Obviously, it’s a beautiful city. We’ve always been local, tried to keep it local, and we try to take care of everybody.”

Having worked in wholesale jewelry for decades, Leonard and Moss aim to use their wholesale experience to give Franklin Fine Jewelry the span of resources required to fulfill a variety of needs, while still maintaining their personal approach informed by years of living in the Nashville area.

Unique among many jewelry stores in the area, Franklin Fine Jewelry also has an in-house jeweler, Glynn Arceneaux, who works at the front of the store where customers and interested bystanders can watch him. Leonard believes Arceneaux’s work is one of the defining characteristics of their new store.

“It’s the biggest dynamic we have,” Leonard said. “Everybody walks in and sees him and loves how old-school it is. They can walk up, watch him work – it gives them comfort that we can do it while they wait, and they don’t have to ever let their jewelry leave their sight. And watching someone work on your stuff is a really cool experience – a lot of people have never seen it.”

For the greater Franklin community, small business owners like Leonard and Moss point toward the growing job market in the area while bringing a local flair to the town, Bawcom said. Though Franklin’s growth brings new residents and business owners from all over the country, she believes that business owners who have grown up in the Nashville area bring a unique perspective that will only help the town grow.

“We (Williamson, Inc.) love to work with new businesses in the area, to help promote them,” Bawcom said. “Obviously, there are other jewelry stores in Franklin, but we feel like as our community grows, it’s important that there are businesses that grow with it and support the number of folks we have here. These two guys bring a ton of experience to the table and we’re really excited to welcome them into downtown Franklin.”

Franklin Fine Jewelry is located at 300 Public Square in Franklin.

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